Thursday, April 30, 2009

Executive "Sessions"

Semantics has never really been Pete Sessions' strong suit.

Some of you may remember the 40 Deuces incident last year when a PAC Mr.Sessions belonged to held a fundraiser for him at a Las Vegas burlesque club. A burlesque club owned by a prominent porn star nonetheless. Pete's Defense: It was not really a burlesque style show; just one where women dressed up in 40's style attire and danced on stage for a room full of men and women. (The fact that there were ladies in the audience was somehow supposed to neutralize the offense.)

Well, as rumor has it, Mr.Sessions is once again being vexed by his semantics, or his assistant's perhaps. Allegedly, he was planning to attend Gary Slagel's campaign rally. Once a handful of concerned Richardson residents caught wind of this, they called to express their dismay. But rest assured residents, this is in no way an endorsement, according to Taylor Bledsoe, Congressman Sessions' Chief of Staff. Since this is a bipartisan race, they do not endorse city council candidates. They're just friends, who go way back... hanging out!

Technically speaking, if you were to go to a very publicly promoted rally supporting a particular incumbent, have a big meal on their dole, and then get shuttled over to City Hall to vote for said incumbent that's not really an it? I mean, technically speaking of course.

This concerned voter considers it so.

In all fairness to Mr.Bledsoe, he DID say this was the first their office had heard of this commitment in Sessions' schedule, and he probably wouldn't even be there. But when asked to go on the record stating Mr.Sessions WOULD NOT be in attendance, he declined.

Pete, you're known by the company you keep and Richardson voters will be watching who's company you're in this Sunday.


So tonight we were joking about the fact that we are sick of being the ARC (Anti-Richardson Coalition) and how we needed an actual name.

Here's my suggestion, what if we call ourselves 'Virtuous Voters?'

Just an idea. Let me hear yours. Leave them as comments, I'll post the top ones in a poll, and we'll vote on them.
Click on the image below:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Waste not....

Amir is a good friend...he'll always tell you what you want to hear. But as far as a city councilman? He's totally one of them.
The proof is in the pipe. Sorry for not seeing it sooner guys.

(funny how that use to be a star)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mi Casa es Schnurr's Casa Tomorrow Night

RSVP if ya will please:

*I kindly request that all hookahs be left at home, as that's just not how we roll.*

Toke the Vote, MAAAAAAAN!

Well, at least the 'Coalition Cronies' are taking steps to repair their 'smoke-filled room' with No Cover at the Good Ole Boys Club Friday Night!

If you've been looking to break nicotine with some real conservative power players in Richardson than look no further than the apple of our city's eye, one of the premiere smoke shops! Said shop has decided to throw a meet and greet for candidates Bob Macy, Amir Omar, John Murphy and Gary Slagel.

Wow, what conservative values these gentleman have! After our candidates have a nice toke and meet folk, perhaps they'll swing buy Zone D' Erotica over in Murph's precinct and pick up a little something leathery for their lovely's.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to raise my impressionable children under this council's care!

My advice, don't go.....I hear it'll be a real drag anyway! ba da chhhhhhhhhh.

It is finished...

And I have to admit I am a little disappointed they don't give out "I voted" stickers for city elections.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Dirty Politics

A lovely woman named Joanne came to address the council this evening regarding the recent Richardson Coalition mailer. She said "politics can be dirty which is sad, but can Keffler assure us that this is not from the city?" He did, as did Mayor Steve Mitchell, and then she went on to suggest the city post a disclaimer on their website to clarify the issue for other confused residents.

I personally think that is a grand idea.

Mayor Mitchell mentioned that he also had concerned citizens calling him "shocked and outraged"...guess we'll just have to wait and see if that translates into action.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009

"An honest man in politics shines more there than he would elsewhere."

A fitting quote since this afternoon's forum was held at Mark Twain Elementary, and let me tell you, it was a free for all. Half way through I started wondering if that Sudafed I had taken earlier today was expired or something because everything about this gathering was…louder...crazier...more...uh...participatory to say the least. The appeal of this one was that none of the questions were screened, you wrote them, put them in a bowl and they were picked by the candidates to answer at random.

There was a lot of hollering and shouting, applause was sometimes just applause but other times it was boisterous jubilation; shouting and cheering, as mere clapping would not suffice, which brings us to my first highlight:

I might as well just rename this blog I promise we're not in cahoots, it's just every single forum I go to I become a bigger fan! This afternoon he was standing up for women's rights in government, I swear he's stolen my diary or something. Being raised by a single mother he said women need to be on this council...even though one of those women is his opponent Diane Wardrup. The crowd went wild as Tom went on to declare the Richardson Coalition to be nothing more than a handful of people who want to run Richardson.

Sheryl Miller stood up with the RC mailer stating it was ‘propganda.’

…go ahead and hand me one of those neat tin foil hats ya got there Sheryl, I think we’re all starting to see your point now. Scary.

Diane Wardrup told us during her opening that it was time to ‘bring ethics back to the place 4 seat.’ Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!

Thomas Volmer drew a question asking when he was ever interviewed by the Richardson Coalition and if he thought the mailer, itself, should be considered a form of manipulation, to which Volmer replied he was never interviewed and that, yes, he did believe it was manipulative. He went on to say parts of it were even just “flat out not correct” and that you should “form your own opinion.”

Bill Denton was asked who he would support for mayor, his reply was Steve Mitchell.

Steve Mitchell was passed the question regarding Oncor and their tax hikes to which he told us the City Council has very limited say and we should contact Gov. Perry on issues such as this.

Gary Slagel was asked about his company’s $5,000 donation to Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and then them coincidentally being shortlisted for a contract in Illinois for which they were later chosen. I must admit I had a hard time focusing on his answer because of all the eye rolling and heavy sighing going on behind him.

By the end of the forum I believe only 3 questions were passed to other candidates and it was eerie how many of the right people got the right questions. Gary drew a question about executive meetings, Jimmy drew one about Agendas, Jennifer pulled one asking how her work experience would help with budgeting, and Amir grabbed one regarding the Israeli Chamber of Commerce.

During the closing Amir boldly stated that he had received help from certain groups and also from certain other groups that hated the first group and he tells them all the exact same things…..hmmm, cryptic.

Over all a very kooky forum, the only way it could of gotten zanier were if we all took tequila shots every time someone said the word ‘transparency.’

Dear Richardson,

I am just so darn proud of you! You are not the suckers they took you for and that was overwhelmingly apparent at this afternoon's forum. The RC didn't fool you one bit! Everyone of you saw that dumb mailer for exactly what it was and I almost feel silly now for getting so worked up over it....not silly enough to stop posting about the RC...just silly enough to be pleasantly surprised by all of the wonderful support you showed the, uh, anti-RC. You know it's really time to come up with a name for this movement. Any ideas?

"Wow, what a nicely put together flyer! These people sure do seem official, by all means THEY should be the ones to tell me how to vote...."

Richardson Residents for Responsive Government was formed in late 2007, after the newly elected City Council did not elect Gary Slagel mayor for the first time in 16 years. It was formed by a group of people who had grown used to Gary Slagel being mayor and were not pleased with the City Council's choice of Steve Mitchell. It is not an elected body nor does it have any official job.

Richardson Residents for Responsive Government then formed a Political Action Committee (PAC) called the Richardson Coalition for the purpose of involving themselves in the political process. The PAC was formed by Chuck Eisemann with donations from himself, James Von Ehr and former Council members Nusser, Ritter, Rhom & Bell. (See Below) It is still NOT an official or elected body but it is well funded by the members and their friends.

They established a web-site, conducted an expensive survey to collect email addresses of voters and began emailing pro-Richardson emails on a periodic basis leading up to the Voter’s Guide that you recently received.

What is the ultimate goal? To get Gary Slagel re-elected and enough Coalition candidates elected to be able to vote him back in as Mayor.

Other questions you might want to ask…

Why did Richardson Coalition fail to endorse any women?
Why did the Richardson Coalition fail to disclose that their endorsed candidate in Place 5, Bob Macy, is a major contributor to this PAC?
Where did they disclose any of their contributors?
Why does the Richardson Coalition lodge unspecified and unsubstantiated “unethical, mean-spirited and untrue negative attacks” against well known, trustworthy candidates who are upstanding citizens and have worked hard for the city of Richardson for years with the only purpose being that of giving back and of serving others?
What is the Richardson Coalition hiding? Who are they protecting? Why are they so afraid of change…of new faces and new perspectives on the Council?

Please take time to consider these facts and ask these questions before accepting as truth, the slick packaging of distorted facts and false accusations contained within the Coalition's "voters guide".

The citizens of Richardson deserve better than this.

Major Contributors to the Richardson Coalition PAC:

Chuck Eisemann (Friend of Gary Slagel) 15,000.00

James Von Ehr (Friend of Gary Slagel & Telecom Businessman) 10,000.00

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Macy (Current Council Candidate & Endorsed by Richardson Coalition) 2,005.00

Bob Nusser (Former Councilman) 1,750.00

Tom Rhom (Former Councilman) 1,000.00

Stan Bradshaw (Gary Slagel’s Son-in-Law) 1,000.00

Charlie Chen (Friend of Gary Slagel) 1,000.00

Martha Ritter (Former Councilwoman) 750.00

Ken Bell (Former Councilman) 300.00

To learn more or to verify any of these donations please visit:

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fed Up, Chuck

I got a copy of a text message sent to Charles Eismann this morning from Tom Bache-Wiig.

Here's what it said:

"Hey, Chuck - Cute little piece of Jr. High journalism you've got in the mail! All with a heapin' helpin' of double standards! You're quite a man of the people!"

Very nicely stated Tom, I have a feeling you're not alone in your sentiments.

Another Comment I've received:

"Davis has contacts, having been a grassroots worker for politicians, & has called in favors for the campaign." Ooohh, beware of candidates who have contacts! Davis has worked with the grassroots . . . That's you and me folks, just ordinary people living in neighborhoods. Guess she should have worked with the "people of influence," big bucks people. I don't think the RC knows any grassroots.

Voters of Richardson, don't let a group of money people tell you how to vote. The Coalition was formed less than two years ago when someone besides Slagel was voted as mayor. They are losing control and are in a panic.

-Concerned Voter"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

C&P is Proud to Sponsor Our First Ever 'Anti-RC E-Mail Writing' Contest!

Wow, that's a mouthful!

You guys (& gals) sure are getting creative!
Tonight's featured mailer comes from some right-wing ladies with a righteous message:

(copy, paste, and forward for optimal results)

What's new with the Good Ole Boys in Richardson?
The political flier many received today from a group in Richardson called the Richardson Coalition shows their endorsements in the upcoming City Council election and you will see that according to the Richardson Coalition, "Women Need Not Apply" to be on the Richardson City Council. I guess Chris, Diane, and Pris should get on back to the kitchen where they belong and have their husband's slippers and newspaper ready when they get home from work.

Who is the Richardson Coalition?

A Partial List of Our Supporters Includes:

Gail Bell
Ken Bell (former Councilman)
Stan Bradshaw
Debbie Bradshaw (Gary Slagel's daughter)
Ann Eisemann
Charles Eisemann (Coalition Founder)
Gayla Von Ehr
Jim Von Ehr
Ginger Kaiser
Bob Kaiser
Gerry Leftwich (former Councilwoman) Frank Leftwich
Jean Macy
Bob Macy
Pauline Nusser
Bob Nusser (former Councilman)
Bonnie Perry
Janice Peters
Dave Peters
Martha Ritter (former Councilwoman)
Ron Ritter
Nancy Rohm
Tom Rohm (former Councilman)
Joe Russum
Bill Stuart
Jean Stuart
Kellie Sweden
John F. Sweden (former Councilman)
Mimi Tanner
D. John Tanner
Don L. Walsh

Should you want to email the Coalition, their email address is:

Check out this blog: (Hey, that's us!)


Think you can top this? Send all entries to and you just might be featured next!

*FINE PRINT* Winner receives a key appearance in 'the revolution!' and a coupon good at most participating IHOP's

Kiss of Death

Ronald Reagan famously said that the world's biggest lie is: "I'm from the federal government and I'm here to help you."

But the biggest lie in Richardson is: "I'm from the Richardson Coalition and I have some information for you."

The Richardson Coalition is the scheming little band of moneyed people in our fair city that believe they should tell you how to vote and how to think. They believe that you're too stupid to make up your own mind or do your own research. So, they're constantly running around with little "polls" of dubious authenticity, websites and mailers. The Coalition - known in some circles simply as "Satan's Henchmen" - use innuendo and half truths to maintain power in Richardson.

The Coalition has two simple goals:
1. Maintain its grip on power at whatever cost.
2. In the process, inflict as much damage on the reputations of its enemies.

And doing the right thing for the City of Richardson? (Refer again to No. 1) Taking care of Richardson's neighborhoods? Fixing the streets and sidewalks? (Refer again to No. 1)

The puppet master is Chuck Eisemann, an investment banker who refers to his office as his "lair," as a spider's lair. His chief lieutenant is Gary Slagel, the former mayor famous for his ethical lapses who set up his software firm - rent free - in a city of Richardson facility. He'd probably still be there if the local T.V. stations hadn't blown the whistle. Did he repay the City of Richardson for that rent? No, he did not. But we digress.

Two years ago, Slagel publcily said that he would step down if he couldn't be mayor. Then he reneged on that pledge after the Coalition put together a "petition" of people begging Slagel to stay. We're not sure why Eisemann or the Coalition is so scared about letting power slip away. Could there be something in the books they don't want coming to light? What is it?

Now we've had two years of stellar (and HONEST) leadership from Steve Mitchell, who has focused on bringing our neighborhoods back from the brink of decay and decline. By all accounts, Steve has done a tremendous job in his first term and has been good for Richardson's image.

So, has the Coalition given Steve a big, hearty "thank you?" Not quite. Instead, the Coalition is slithering around trying to get Slagel back as mayor. Why? Refer to Coalition goal No. 1.

To accomplish this, the Coalition is backing a slate of candidates who have privately promised to vote for Slagel. Don't believe us? Ask 'em. Every single one of the Coalition's boys has evidently signed a blood oath to bring back the Ethically Challenged One to power.

But you can change this, my friend. YOU.

If you think that Steve Mitchell has done a great job as Mayor... if you've noticed that there haven't been any ethical scandals at City Hall the past two years... if you have noticed the revitalization of our neighborhoods and our retail spaces... you know what to do.

Anyone endorsed by the Coalition should be voted down. Spread the word. Email this blog to everyone that you know in Richardson.

The Decepticons Must Be Stopped!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Champagne With Your Campaign

After attending the League of Women Voter's forum last night, which was held at the Ritz-Carlton Dallas I must tell you they pulled out all of the stops! These women really know how to throw an event! Along with the personal masseuses they had assigned to everyone in attendance, they also gave us all goodie-bags overflowing with designer schwag and jewels...and then to top it all, get this, THEY HAD THE FORUM VIDEO RECORDED, later to be televised and streamed on the Internet! The only down side to the evening was I did not get to meet Bill Gates in person as he was attending another one of his philanthropic organization's events. Oh well.

So, I guess the running joke overall last night was that LWV must obviously be loaded in order to televise this forum...which of course they are not. Place 2 candidate, Jimmy Schnurr was the one who pointed out the camera they had at the back of the room, even though he later wished there were no such record of this particular performance of his. While he started off with a gaffe that no one thought he could recover from, he later bounced back with such an awesome save I honestly began to wonder if it all planned out, explaining that the reason for his earlier speechlessness was his wife’s breathtaking beauty, as this was the first forum she has been able to attend and it distracted him.

Other Highlights:

Bob Macy told us he has attended over 200 hundred city council meetings and clocked more than 6,000 volunteer hours for our city, which I think deserves some acknowledgement…even though I’m pretty sure he’s said it before and I just wasn’t paying attention, either way, better late than never.

Sheryl Miller has a book coming out this spring entitled “Why I want to retire Murphy” that she was plugging.

Dennis Stewart did NOT say anything to tick me off.

Chris made a great point that ‘We must make room for new leaders to serve!’

Bache-Wiig accused all the people who were sneaking out early of evading arrest. (That’ll teach ‘em!)

Jimmy took a moment to mention his appreciation for Rhea (who is endorsing him) Allison's four years of service.

Pris suggested taking advantage of current low interest rates to re-finance our previous bond packages.

Two candidates - Bach-Wiig and Omar - suggested that we move from being a "telecom corridor" to a "technology corridor."

Diane celebrated her wedding anniversary with us, and if you ask me, I think it was very romantic, she’s also still just as pretty as the day we married her, or I mean the day Jim married her.

Lightening Round Highlights:

Every candidate but Murphy and Bach-Wiig likes staggered terms; everybody but Volmer and Bach-Wiig liked the red light cameras.

Outside of the forum at Murph's table was a paper entitled 'Transparency in Government: John Murphy's Opinion." I can honestly say I wouldn't mind going the rest of my natural life without hearing those two buzzwords again. The people spoke, we're getting more of it no matter whom we elect, I’ve got it. I'm glad that John decided to address this over inflated talking point on paper and hopefully his flier and all of the many forum questions addressing this issue will put it to bed for a little while so that we can talk about other city concerns for a change.

If you were unable to attend the forum last night, you can view it at:

And while you’re there, make a donation. From what I hear they’re “NOT loaded.”

HILARIOUS Picture of the Day!

Obviously staged, but still very clever.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Diane Wardrup...

WILL NOT convert to Messianic Judaism for your vote, so don't bother asking her.

Great forum tonight! Here's a preview of what I'll write about tomorrow:

Award for Most Awkward Moment: Jimmy Schnurr
Award for Best Save Ever: Jimmy Schnurr

On a related subject, Jimmy just called in this request for a very special young lady named Cari. Cari, he wants you to know that you looked just as pretty tonight as you did on your wedding day...So this one goes out to you:

Monday, April 20, 2009

Meet the Candidate: Chris Davis

Have you ever heard of a ‘Prostitute Round Up’ before?

No, it’s not a cowboy themed bachelor party. It’s actually more like Ladies Night at the DPD. See, if you’re a Lady of the Night, you get into the Homeward Bound Drug Treatment Program FREE; no cover for counseling and they validate!

Plus, our very own Chris Davis is one of the counselors helping the Dallas Police Department with this initiative. “It is an effort to help divert the prostitutes arrested around the truck stops on I-20 at Lancaster Rd. into drug treatment instead of going to jail and ending up right back on the streets where they came from.” Davis says.

Not only do they help them through treatment, they also find transitional housing for them and provide mentorships during their recovery. “Many of these women have no sense of what is normal.” Chris told me. One girl had never even been into a grocery store before; she had only ever shopped at gas stations or 7-11’s. She was raised into a family where prostitution was their livelihood and had never had anyone model a normal life to her before. Chris describes this as one of the most gratifying things she has ever done.

I just love it when I see a true conservative put down their checkbook, roll up their sleeves and actually WORK. And Chris is doing just that. Richardson needs to know that she will work for them because she is a real work’en girl!, I mean woman, a real (legally) working woman.

As the founder of my HOA she has done a phenomenal job….the streets of Cottonwood Heights have never looked better, there used to be “John's” on every corner before she got here and whipped this neighborhood into shape….and by “John's” of course I mean Murphy signs.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Bache-Wiig Meet and Greet was Delicious!

I'll write more about it later, plus look forward to my next post all about Chris Davis' Passion for Prostitutes! Yep, you heard me right, and you won't want to miss it!

(Don't worry, she's help'en not hook'en)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Amir Misunderstanding?

(Just thought this issue warranted some clarification)

Ok, so the thing that gets me about place 7, is if you were to have asked almost anyone 2 weeks ago who they were voting for, Stewart had this one all locked up. He’s a retired police Lieutenant, who served our city for 25 years; he’s done well on the council for the last two, and he blew most of us away during the first forum when he was the ONLY candidate able to answer a difficult question regarding the city’s pensions.

So what happened? I’ll tell ya…

Amir’s handsome mug started showing up all around town and some buzz began; perhaps not enough to win an election but certainly enough to scare Stewart. He’s just now getting his rhythm down and he’s not ready to lose that seat yet, darn it! That’s understandable. But this is where it all went sour. While Dennis has a few valid issues with Amir he also spouted off a few other jabs that were just overzealous nonsense.

Claim 1: Amir has a criminal history (writing hot checks)– Oh my, what if he was the leader of some sort of Nigerian ‘I go chop your dollar’ scamming ring…

Sorry, not the case. He was just starting up his own business while attending school in college station when he bounced A check for less than a hundred dollars. Because they were cracking down that month and rounding up offenders, he got arrested. Wow, so much juicier when it’s explained right? Or maybe not so much.

Claim 2: Amir did not file with his real name – What?!?! A fake name?!?!?! Like one he might use to acquire a pilot’s license?!? Oh my, now I just don’t know how I feel about that.

Well, pop an anti-xenophobia pill real quick, take a seat and listen to this...

His name is spelled Ameer on his birth certificate but he prefers to spell it Amir (oh the horror). Now, was that as scandalous as you all thought it would be or what? No, of course not. Sorry to disappoint.

I love juicy gossip just as much as the next loudmouth, but when it’s not true, it loses its luster.

Through it all, I admire how Omar has stuck to his ‘running FOR office, not against anyone’ motto. He’s stayed positive even when it would’ve been much easier to scrap that silly, old ‘code of fair campaign practices’ out the window. Lord knows it wouldn't have been out there shivering, cold and alone.

What it comes down to is we have two great candidates here who both have made some bad judgment calls in the past, one just more recently than the other.

So in Amir fashion I recommend we vote FOR someone, and not against anyone in Place 7.

And in closing, I'd just like to say God Bless America!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mosque Tequila!

Last Nights Forum

Did you know Muslims don't drink? For some reason, I didn't, but evidently Sheryl Miller did (of all people)! I was giggly with anticipation through out her opening remarks, just waiting for that glorious moment when she would militantly blurt out "IT'S MILLER TIME" and throw the microphone to the ground, but....then....when the moment finally came....nothing. How anti-climactic. Perhaps if her name where Sheryl O'Douls my theatrical thirst could've been quenched. Oh well.

Miller was not the only one working the whole Muslim demographic, Justice, Stewart and Murph also 'spiced up' their responses to suit the venue.

To me, these were the highlights:

Schnurr and Davis' call to action for the incumbents - Everybody's promising open government and we have 6 people sitting in our midst who can actually deliver just that right now.

Bache-Wiig's unabashed declaration of faith - When asked how he begins his day, Tom answered that he wakes up and reads the Bible for an hour. He said it helps him become centered and grounded. I also admired how he then went on to set an inclusive tone by stating that just as most of the audience members were 'people of faith' so was he and thanking God for all of his blessings and opportunities was the way he started every new day.

The final question, and by final, I mean third - While to some it may have seemed like fluff, I thought this question was refreshing! Enough about open government for a minute, "What do you like about your opponent?"
General Consensus:
Bob likes Bill's wife
Bill likes nothing about Bob
Everybody likes Jennifer's fresh ideas and youthful views
Jimmy's municipal experience
Thomas' IT nerdiness
Mark's gov't experience
Sheryl's "persistence"
Chris' Character and EYES!
John's commitment to the city and HAIR
Bache-Wiig's friendly campaigning
Gary's service
Diane's long history of community service
Bob's dedication and desire to serve
Pris' willingness to go to every zoning meeting...which is why the council's doing great just as it is! (Umm, ok, Bob)
Amir's barber
Dennis' service to the city

Then they had us all join hands and sing a verse of 'Koom Bi Ya.'

Ok, that last part didn't really happen, but I believe the rest is pretty accurate....I knew I should of taken notes!

May Madness - My Picks

Here are my endorsements:

Place 1: (write-in candidate) Bill Denton....he's a kook, but hey, Viva la Revolucion!

Place 2: Jimmy Schnurr - Qualified, Experienced and super funny (not that it's important, but he is.)

Place 3: CHRIS DAVIS....they named a song after her ya know, it's called 'Chris Davis Eyes,' ask Sheryl Miller about it, I believe she was a co-writer on it.

Place 4: I'm gonna go with Bache-Wiig on this one (what can I say, I dig 'em), but Wardrup is good too, just not Slagel. or

Place 5: Pris Hayes, the only democrat I will EVER vote for (: She's very 'green' - Not like green-new, like green-tree hugger.

Place 6: Mayor Steve Mitchell, of course, not only because he looks like a super hero but also because he's running unopposed.

Place 7: Oh, place 7, how you torment me. Ok, so I know what I should do - I should vote for Dennis Stewart, he's a retired police officer and a really good guy, but his tactics lately have bothered me. He's had poor campaign advice and I feel he's been over zealous and also used bad judgement to play off some voters inherent anxieties over electing a Muslim. That being said, YOU should vote for Stewart, but I think I'm going with Omar on this one.

I'd love to hear some other people's picks so please SHARE!

The Bill Denton of Blogs

To the best of my knowledge the only blogger continuously covering this year's Richardson City Council election is "Mr." Ed Cognoski. While his posts are often amusing and fairly informative, it's hard not to see his conservative disdain seeping through from time to time.

That being said, I've decided to become Richardson's Conservative (last minute) Type-In blogger. Ed is the Bob to my Bill. He's motivated me to become a better person and serve my community in ways I'd only dreamt were possible!

Now Ed, it's your turn to say one nice thing about me...