Saturday, April 18, 2009

Amir Misunderstanding?

(Just thought this issue warranted some clarification)

Ok, so the thing that gets me about place 7, is if you were to have asked almost anyone 2 weeks ago who they were voting for, Stewart had this one all locked up. He’s a retired police Lieutenant, who served our city for 25 years; he’s done well on the council for the last two, and he blew most of us away during the first forum when he was the ONLY candidate able to answer a difficult question regarding the city’s pensions.

So what happened? I’ll tell ya…

Amir’s handsome mug started showing up all around town and some buzz began; perhaps not enough to win an election but certainly enough to scare Stewart. He’s just now getting his rhythm down and he’s not ready to lose that seat yet, darn it! That’s understandable. But this is where it all went sour. While Dennis has a few valid issues with Amir he also spouted off a few other jabs that were just overzealous nonsense.

Claim 1: Amir has a criminal history (writing hot checks)– Oh my, what if he was the leader of some sort of Nigerian ‘I go chop your dollar’ scamming ring…

Sorry, not the case. He was just starting up his own business while attending school in college station when he bounced A check for less than a hundred dollars. Because they were cracking down that month and rounding up offenders, he got arrested. Wow, so much juicier when it’s explained right? Or maybe not so much.

Claim 2: Amir did not file with his real name – What?!?! A fake name?!?!?! Like one he might use to acquire a pilot’s license?!? Oh my, now I just don’t know how I feel about that.

Well, pop an anti-xenophobia pill real quick, take a seat and listen to this...

His name is spelled Ameer on his birth certificate but he prefers to spell it Amir (oh the horror). Now, was that as scandalous as you all thought it would be or what? No, of course not. Sorry to disappoint.

I love juicy gossip just as much as the next loudmouth, but when it’s not true, it loses its luster.

Through it all, I admire how Omar has stuck to his ‘running FOR office, not against anyone’ motto. He’s stayed positive even when it would’ve been much easier to scrap that silly, old ‘code of fair campaign practices’ out the window. Lord knows it wouldn't have been out there shivering, cold and alone.

What it comes down to is we have two great candidates here who both have made some bad judgment calls in the past, one just more recently than the other.

So in Amir fashion I recommend we vote FOR someone, and not against anyone in Place 7.

And in closing, I'd just like to say God Bless America!

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  1. I can't support Omar's call for a freeze on property taxes for seniors. Sure, it's a nice gimme if you're a senior, but it's bad public policy. On the other side, I can't abide Stewart's attempt to taint Omar by challenging his name. Lately, both candidates have been silent on these matters, which is fine by me. Maybe I'll vote for the first one who disowns his earlier statements.