Friday, April 17, 2009

The Bill Denton of Blogs

To the best of my knowledge the only blogger continuously covering this year's Richardson City Council election is "Mr." Ed Cognoski. While his posts are often amusing and fairly informative, it's hard not to see his conservative disdain seeping through from time to time.

That being said, I've decided to become Richardson's Conservative (last minute) Type-In blogger. Ed is the Bob to my Bill. He's motivated me to become a better person and serve my community in ways I'd only dreamt were possible!

Now Ed, it's your turn to say one nice thing about me...


  1. I'm not "Ed," but I saw the blog and thought I'd respond. This was a funny and witty recap of the evening's Richardson City Council Forum at the mosque. Bravo!

    With the absolute dearth of news about Richardson, it's nice to see something - ANYTHING! - written about Richardson politics. (And, no, the silly little "report" of the Richardson Republican Women Forum in the DMN NeighborsGo section today doesn't count as "news." Come on, DMN. Either report on Richardson or don't. But don't PRETEND to be covering our city.")

    I think you nailed the Forum, but I'll have to disagree and go with Diane Wardrup in Place 4.

    I'm looking forward to future posts about Richardson politics.


  2. This blog is great news. In fact, any news is good news. The Dallas Morning News has enough trouble covering Dallas, so we can't expect much news about what's happening in Richardson (ddd's comment about the NeighborsGo coverage of the forum is spot on).

  3. Its nice to have an alternative to the coalition's propaganda. Looking forward to future posts!

    Last night at the Mosque was more of a community relations event than a political forum. It certainly was a large turnout and the food was great!