Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Champagne With Your Campaign

After attending the League of Women Voter's forum last night, which was held at the Ritz-Carlton Dallas I must tell you they pulled out all of the stops! These women really know how to throw an event! Along with the personal masseuses they had assigned to everyone in attendance, they also gave us all goodie-bags overflowing with designer schwag and jewels...and then to top it all, get this, THEY HAD THE FORUM VIDEO RECORDED, later to be televised and streamed on the Internet! The only down side to the evening was I did not get to meet Bill Gates in person as he was attending another one of his philanthropic organization's events. Oh well.

So, I guess the running joke overall last night was that LWV must obviously be loaded in order to televise this forum...which of course they are not. Place 2 candidate, Jimmy Schnurr was the one who pointed out the camera they had at the back of the room, even though he later wished there were no such record of this particular performance of his. While he started off with a gaffe that no one thought he could recover from, he later bounced back with such an awesome save I honestly began to wonder if it all planned out, explaining that the reason for his earlier speechlessness was his wife’s breathtaking beauty, as this was the first forum she has been able to attend and it distracted him.

Other Highlights:

Bob Macy told us he has attended over 200 hundred city council meetings and clocked more than 6,000 volunteer hours for our city, which I think deserves some acknowledgement…even though I’m pretty sure he’s said it before and I just wasn’t paying attention, either way, better late than never.

Sheryl Miller has a book coming out this spring entitled “Why I want to retire Murphy” that she was plugging.

Dennis Stewart did NOT say anything to tick me off.

Chris made a great point that ‘We must make room for new leaders to serve!’

Bache-Wiig accused all the people who were sneaking out early of evading arrest. (That’ll teach ‘em!)

Jimmy took a moment to mention his appreciation for Rhea (who is endorsing him) Allison's four years of service.

Pris suggested taking advantage of current low interest rates to re-finance our previous bond packages.

Two candidates - Bach-Wiig and Omar - suggested that we move from being a "telecom corridor" to a "technology corridor."

Diane celebrated her wedding anniversary with us, and if you ask me, I think it was very romantic, she’s also still just as pretty as the day we married her, or I mean the day Jim married her.

Lightening Round Highlights:

Every candidate but Murphy and Bach-Wiig likes staggered terms; everybody but Volmer and Bach-Wiig liked the red light cameras.

Outside of the forum at Murph's table was a paper entitled 'Transparency in Government: John Murphy's Opinion." I can honestly say I wouldn't mind going the rest of my natural life without hearing those two buzzwords again. The people spoke, we're getting more of it no matter whom we elect, I’ve got it. I'm glad that John decided to address this over inflated talking point on paper and hopefully his flier and all of the many forum questions addressing this issue will put it to bed for a little while so that we can talk about other city concerns for a change.

If you were unable to attend the forum last night, you can view it at:

And while you’re there, make a donation. From what I hear they’re “NOT loaded.”


  1. Wonder who wrote the question asking about the 12,000 outstanding fines in the city of Richardson which amounts to $12 million. Did I hear that right?

  2. That is what the question stated, although no one confirmed it. And I believe they said Richardson receives $12 million a year already from outstanding warrants if I understood correctly.

  3. It appeared to be a CITV employee videotaping the forum. I expect to see this technology rolled out for council meetings shortly, no matter who wins.