Friday, April 24, 2009

Fed Up, Chuck

I got a copy of a text message sent to Charles Eismann this morning from Tom Bache-Wiig.

Here's what it said:

"Hey, Chuck - Cute little piece of Jr. High journalism you've got in the mail! All with a heapin' helpin' of double standards! You're quite a man of the people!"

Very nicely stated Tom, I have a feeling you're not alone in your sentiments.

Another Comment I've received:

"Davis has contacts, having been a grassroots worker for politicians, & has called in favors for the campaign." Ooohh, beware of candidates who have contacts! Davis has worked with the grassroots . . . That's you and me folks, just ordinary people living in neighborhoods. Guess she should have worked with the "people of influence," big bucks people. I don't think the RC knows any grassroots.

Voters of Richardson, don't let a group of money people tell you how to vote. The Coalition was formed less than two years ago when someone besides Slagel was voted as mayor. They are losing control and are in a panic.

-Concerned Voter"


  1. The RC is backing Mr. Omar in Place 7. Wonder why? Could it be that they couldn't control Mr. Stewart? Mr. Omar has only lived in Richardson a year, yet he tells everyone he moved to the Metroplex 13 years ago. Where would that be: Ft. Worth? Garland? Cedar Hill? The DFW Metroplex covers a huge area. Richardson voters beware!

  2. I just received my copy of this "voter's guide". Does anyone other than myself find the cover art amusing? It is a close up of the fountain at City Hall which shows bronze figures linked together surrounding a rush of water. Could it be a snapshot of the coalition flat, faceless, metallic fused together trying to contain a rush of fresh water? This piece is slick and costly....frowning icons seem so silly...and in this case, misplaced. What hubris is revealed in the text!