Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Toke the Vote, MAAAAAAAN!

Well, at least the 'Coalition Cronies' are taking steps to repair their 'smoke-filled room' with No Cover at the Good Ole Boys Club Friday Night!

If you've been looking to break nicotine with some real conservative power players in Richardson than look no further than the apple of our city's eye, one of the premiere smoke shops! Said shop has decided to throw a meet and greet for candidates Bob Macy, Amir Omar, John Murphy and Gary Slagel.

Wow, what conservative values these gentleman have! After our candidates have a nice toke and meet folk, perhaps they'll swing buy Zone D' Erotica over in Murph's precinct and pick up a little something leathery for their lovely's.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to raise my impressionable children under this council's care!

My advice, don't go.....I hear it'll be a real drag anyway! ba da chhhhhhhhhh.


  1. We haven't yet taken care of the SOB problem. There are three more of them on the Council that still need to be dispatched!

  2. I don't get the reference. Where is this being held? At a head shop (didn't know we had one) or one of the hookah shops that caters to a middle eastern clientele?

    I have had dinner at a restaurant with a hookah bar attached, and it appeared to be a social club for very old traditionally-garbed men watching soccer on TV.

    I don't think it is fair to conflate hookah bars with head shops, if that is the gist of this blog entry. If I am misinformed please correct me...

  3. From what I can tell it is a Hookah bar, but they also say they sell pipes and gifts, so to me it seems a bit like a smoke shop as well. I purposely left the name out as not to advertise this event.

  4. But Hookahn resist an evening at the Hall of Fumes with Richardson Taxpayer Hero, Mr. Economic Development, Zoning Board Adjustment Volunteer, and Mr. Senior Tax Freeze blowing smoke in truly heroic fashion?

    Wait...if Richardson Taxpayer Hero and Mr. Economic Development are holding a meeting, is the public even welcome?