Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Wow, what a nicely put together flyer! These people sure do seem official, by all means THEY should be the ones to tell me how to vote...."

Richardson Residents for Responsive Government was formed in late 2007, after the newly elected City Council did not elect Gary Slagel mayor for the first time in 16 years. It was formed by a group of people who had grown used to Gary Slagel being mayor and were not pleased with the City Council's choice of Steve Mitchell. It is not an elected body nor does it have any official job.

Richardson Residents for Responsive Government then formed a Political Action Committee (PAC) called the Richardson Coalition for the purpose of involving themselves in the political process. The PAC was formed by Chuck Eisemann with donations from himself, James Von Ehr and former Council members Nusser, Ritter, Rhom & Bell. (See Below) It is still NOT an official or elected body but it is well funded by the members and their friends.

They established a web-site, conducted an expensive survey to collect email addresses of voters and began emailing pro-Richardson emails on a periodic basis leading up to the Voter’s Guide that you recently received.

What is the ultimate goal? To get Gary Slagel re-elected and enough Coalition candidates elected to be able to vote him back in as Mayor.

Other questions you might want to ask…

Why did Richardson Coalition fail to endorse any women?
Why did the Richardson Coalition fail to disclose that their endorsed candidate in Place 5, Bob Macy, is a major contributor to this PAC?
Where did they disclose any of their contributors?
Why does the Richardson Coalition lodge unspecified and unsubstantiated “unethical, mean-spirited and untrue negative attacks” against well known, trustworthy candidates who are upstanding citizens and have worked hard for the city of Richardson for years with the only purpose being that of giving back and of serving others?
What is the Richardson Coalition hiding? Who are they protecting? Why are they so afraid of change…of new faces and new perspectives on the Council?

Please take time to consider these facts and ask these questions before accepting as truth, the slick packaging of distorted facts and false accusations contained within the Coalition's "voters guide".

The citizens of Richardson deserve better than this.

Major Contributors to the Richardson Coalition PAC:

Chuck Eisemann (Friend of Gary Slagel) 15,000.00

James Von Ehr (Friend of Gary Slagel & Telecom Businessman) 10,000.00

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Macy (Current Council Candidate & Endorsed by Richardson Coalition) 2,005.00

Bob Nusser (Former Councilman) 1,750.00

Tom Rhom (Former Councilman) 1,000.00

Stan Bradshaw (Gary Slagel’s Son-in-Law) 1,000.00

Charlie Chen (Friend of Gary Slagel) 1,000.00

Martha Ritter (Former Councilwoman) 750.00

Ken Bell (Former Councilman) 300.00

To learn more or to verify any of these donations please visit:

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