Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hearts and minds are to be won, not lives taken.

My heart is so saddened for this man, and for his family. A life was taken today at the hands of a vigilante.

click below to view the full story:
In no way Richardson political news, but news all the same.

I would like to dedicate today's blog to this breaking news story-as completely inappropriate and politically incorrect as that might be.

I, myself, am a pro-life feminist (kind of like a unicorn, except we're real)...and perhaps the only one many of you may know. So, as your token extremist, and on behalf of the MANY other crazy-fetus-hugging-fanatics* out there (the ones you don't know, but might be quick to lump together with this completely misguilded zealot) I want to make it very, very, very clear that what happened to George Tiller this morning is absolutely, undoubtably, inexplicably WRONG.

(*we're not the kind who stand outside of clinics with enormous dismembered fetus signs, screaming 'murderer!' at women, by the way. not even close.)

We are all appalled at the hypocrisy of this act.

To promote a culture of life, you do not end the very thing you are fighting for.

The answer to abortion whether you agree or disagree with it, is-and always will be-Education. Never murder.

Like I said, this is certainly not the place for such proclamations, but honestly, when else does a nut job like me ever have a captive audience this size who will listen to her ramblings? (: You've brought this on yourselves.

Pray for this man, his family, our country, and for peace.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Wish I could find this PP on someone does, let me know.

David Morgan presented a powerpoint last night that I thought made a great argument FOR the cameras. I was under the impression that having these cameras at intersections actually increased the number of rear end collisions (which I still believe are better than the T-bone accidents that normally occur when people run red lights) but according to David we've seen 34% fewer rear end accidents since the lights were installed.....rear end city council made up mostly of really old men....I know there is a joke in there somewhere...oh well.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Richardson's Red Light Cameras

Act I of today's blog-brought to you by Craigslist

(just in case the above link inevitably gets deleted)

Bulk Scrap Metal*Must Pick-Up* Available in July 2019 (Richardson)

Date: 2009-05-28, 7:56PM CDT

Due to the lack of citations during the 2009-2019 red light camera era, the City of Richardson has been forced to cut back immensely in their slush fund budget. Early on projections that it would increase such funds were straight up whack. Due to this drop in the city budget all slushy parties for city official are cancelled until further notice. (Ok, so I know a slush fund actually refers to a nautical grease slush and not slushie's-I wikipedia'd it-but still, I like to picture it going towards slushy parties. Murph's favorite flavor is grape in this fantasy by the way, and he always spills a little on his tie.) Either way, this frivolous safety cannot continue. That being said, mark your calendars, 10 years and two months from today the COR will have a boatload of scrap metal for one lucky truck owner to round-up....and then in the days following there will probably be much more scrap at the neighborhood impound.

Location: Richardson
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Act II

Not only am I FOR red light cameras, and FOR extending the contract 10 years, I am also FOR adding more cameras to every intersection in the city. As a member of the Extreme Christian Right I was being fed 'Mark of the Beast/End Times' propaganda in the cradle you guys. I am a VERY paranoid individual when it comes to people implanting microchips into my dog, led alone ME! And yet, I still do not feel the least bit violated by these cameras. I assume I'm being watched when I try on jeans at the Gap, heck, I assume I'm being watched when I shower in the privacy of my own home. And to Big Brother, I only offer my condolences. I don't even wanna look at that mess, so if you do, more power to ya. If it saves lives in the process, than way more power to you!

Bob Nusser, You Hillbilly!

Poor grammar AIN'T nails on a chalkboard (Bobby N., not Ian's writing):
Ian's Article

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gary Slagel & Saddam Hussien - Great Minds Think Alike

Not a lot of people know this, but being the Mayor of Richardson is actually a pretty dangerous job. In any given year up to a dozen assassination attempts are made on our Mayor. Crazy, I know! Steve Mitchell once told me that as soon as he was elected, the first thing he did was have bullet proof windows installed on his car. AND, don't tell him I told you this, but he's actually only 120lbs., soaking wet, he just looks bigger because of the bullet proof bodysuit he wears around town.

That being said, I have to share some TOP SECRET insider information with you all. In true Saddam Hussien fashion, Gary Slagel, our newly-re-re-re-appointed-to-the-sloppy-ninths-degree Mayor, has decided to hire a body double to make his personal appearances around town. *GASP* Don't believe me? Below is the photographic proof. A picture taken of none other than *drum roll* our very own *faster drum roll* TOM BACHE-WIIG, or as he's now known-Second Slag, from just this morning....


Tom asked me not to put his name. And the word rapist glasses in the same sentence, so I must honor his wishes. But seriously, how the Slag convinced T.Wiig to wear those. Rapist glasses, we'll never know. Seriously, 8 rapist eyes is more than this town can handle, fellas. Please Slag, stop by Lens Crafters next time you're out looking for your little, lost dog, and ask the pretty, young sales girl behind the counter if you can trade some of the candy you have over in your car for an updated pair of specs, and if she says no...who am I kidding, you'll know what to do next...just tell her that her mother's been in a horrible accident and you must take her to the emergency room immediately, and then while she's waiting in your van, snag a pair of Kenneth Cole's, k?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

and of course I had to add this very special one for Ian....

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hypothetically Speaking....

Say you have a "friend" who was looking to form a PAC. Say this same "friend" had been told not to blog about it, talk about it, or publicize said PAC in anyway, but this "friend" still needs to get, like I dunno, a hundred e-mail addresses of potential members by next week. What advice would you give to this friend? And by "advice" I obviously mean e-mail addresses. What e-mail addresses would you give to this friend? Please send all "advice" to

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ok, well off to bed...

I may have trouble falling asleep after a night like tonight...I guess I could always try counting councilmen though.


Steve Mitchell- Hate to see ya go, but looove to watch ya leave.

(Just kidding, Karen)

Anybody with their head screwed on straight would have voted for YOU too!

I'm so proud of you for not being one of their sheep. And to celebrate your bold move, a little Sinatra.

(Abrahm said being the Leslie Gore fan you are that you would prefer this version)

I still like this one, though (:

Btw, anybody else catch that Bull$#!% line about getting 'back on track' from ol' Rapist Glasses?
I'd sooner jump on a heroin track than any track of his....

A Vote for Slagel Tonight Means:

You can be bought.

Your character can be compromised.

When the pressure is on, you waver.

You have a political agenda greater than your service to this city.

Every decision you make from here on out will either be tainted or respected based on the decision you make tonight. So please, vote with integrity.

"Men of genius are admired, men of wealth are envied, men of power are feared; but only men of character are trusted."

Public Outcry vs. The Outcry of a 65-year old Spoiled Brat...who will win the People or the Politician?

My kids throw tantrums all the time too, Chuck. So, I totally understand...

But from what all the experts say, you're just suppose to IGNORE IT, DON'T GIVE IN or you will have set a precedent, and they will continue to do it the rest of their life. Then before you know it that ice cream cone will be come a mayorship...

Click through and read the whole article, it's very good:

From Pegasus News, 1.24.08-
The public outcry for leadership change was so intense that those monitoring the situation were sure it would happen. Soon-to-be-former Mayor Gary Slagel was offered an opportunity to bow out gracefully, but with arrogant confidence, dismissed what some viewed as the inevitable. A number of henchmen, known to associate with a group calling itself "Friends of Richardson", were working the phones in what has been described as an offensive, foul-languaged attempt to intimidate a fourth vote out of the recent additions to Council. Much to their disappointment these gestapo-like tactics would fail and another elected member of the Council would be selected as the lead representative of Richardson. This was done in full public view because it was determined the conclave method, which had been executed in numerous previous instances, might have been a criminal act.



Destiny is a big fan of talking in third person.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wildflower Festival

(during the Toadies)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Just a week ago today...

This time last week I was filled with so much anticipation and hope for our great city. I had such naive, childlike like, political ideals. I really thought my vote was worth the chip it was downloaded on....oh, but don't worry, things have since changed.

That season in my life is over now. I am no longer the sucker I was last Friday.

Amir has given me some much appreciated insight into the thought-provoking prowess of politicians, and I must say I DO see many his points much more now than I did before. (A senior tax freeze will still bankrupt Richardson, but that's neither here nor there) What I'm getting at is politicians HAVE TO PLAY THE GAME. So don't hate Amir, hate the game. To be an elected official in this city, I now know you must make concessions. Become a team player, not a lone ethical ranger pulling stunts like not voting for Slagel just to prove something to the tin foil hat crowd! After all you do have to work with these people for the next two years, right??

What a silly, young idealist I was way back last Friday. Laughable really. Oh my! I actually think I just felt my first grey hair sprout up (dye, dye, DYE!), not to mention the strange hankering I've had lately for grapenuts. (Hahaha! Grapenuts, that reminds me of that silly joke of my youth 'what do mothballs smell like?') Perhaps I'm not as old and cynical as I thought I was, because, dang, that joke still cracks me up...or how about 'What's that steering wheel doing in your crotch, pirate?'


Golden.....not as in girls, just as in classic. I'm still young and idealistic, I swear! I swear! I like toilet humor for goodness sake, don't I?????? How many of our newly elected council members would answer that 'mothballs' joke with a punch line, huh? When was the last time any of them LOL-ed or ROTFL or were found DOA....oh sorry, wait, that last one went too far, my apologies.

Anyway, (back on track) just in case any of you thought I was an Amir-bashing-bigot (Nathan), I'm not. I really was void of sarcasm in that 3rd paragraph, I promise....ok, well maybe not void, but a minimized amount, certainly? That's possible, right? Either way, to make up for any confusion, and to make sure that Amir will still give me one of his free Wildflower Festival tickets, I'll share this pretty darn flattering (for people who love Muslims and whatnot) news article about my B.F.F.:

DMN <3's Amir

Ok, enough for now, I think a rain must be a brew'n, because my joints are a ache'n.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I don't have the energy to blog today....

so I figured I'd just 'tweet' instead...

Woke up too early. Some rude dude full of Bache-Wiiginess doesn't know about unwritten 'never call before 9am' rule.!etiquette@notareallinksodon'ttrytoclickonit

Moped around, the rains fault...

Ran errands.

Met with the Richardson Guerilla Mafia. Devised plan to take over the world....or at least the city.'ttrytoclickonit

Asked Amir if I could blog about his date with Jennifer last night.

Still haven't heard back...

Abused my ellipsis rationing for the day...

Off to bed! G'Night All!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


In an E-Mail:

"Just heard that the Channel 11 expose has been changed to next Tues at 10pm. They got some more information that is supposed to make it even better. Handcuffs? Let's just hope it will really expose Slagel and the old ways of city council.

Thanks. Stay tuned . . . ."

Well. that. just. stinks.

*dumps out big bowl of popcorn*

TONIGHT: CBS 11 @ 10

"Linda Sue" has posted "Watch Channel 11 Wed. night at 10:00 pm" on a few blogs now, just in case any of you have missed it.

For all I know it's going to be a feature on how wonderful ol' (Edited: sorry, that was mean) is, but there is also the possibility that it's showing him for what he truly is.

The way I see, now is the time to sow some good joo joo into the universe and cross our fingers.

Here's my feeble attempt:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Glasses Only A Slagel Could love....

So what have we learned?

We've learned that the Richardson Coalition has a formula; a formula that works.

Granted it's the formula for catatonic Kool-Aid, but hey, what's good enough for Jonestown is certainly good enough for Richardson!

The problem is, no matter what anyone else says or 'blogs,' I don't agree that Richardson still won based on or regardless of this formula. Pris Hayes should still be on council. We have not gained any "fresh" new member that can compensate for what she had to offer our city and for what we inevitable lost by not re-electing her.

Two thousand people were given a slate of candidates, and told to vote for them based on nothing more than two years worth of ill gotten e-mail "trust." And they did! That's all it took for the Eismann/Slagel reign to regain control.

Our next step is obvious. Sure, we could follow this same formula the RC used, but should we? No. Enlisting anyone with a voter ID and a pulse into a massive e-mail brigade is not how Richardson will win. We must do it the right way.

I propose this...I call it the 4 R's, or wait, 3 R's, no wait, yeah, I had it right the first time, 4 R's. Never mind, scrap the R's, how about this:


We get a name, form a PAC, and organize our members. We issue tin foil hats and expose the truth behind this city's "legacy." We keep ourselves and others 'in the know' regarding all of the inevitable future scandals just waiting to happen and we follow that up by promoting the good, upright leaders who are ready to serve this city, moral compasses still intact.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Not to be a downer, Richardson

But this one's for you...

What was the point?

Why did we waste our time going to all those forums?
Why did the candidate's waste their time walking all of those neighborhoods?
Why did anyone waste any money on this election when we KNEW we were going up against a machine? A machine that was destined to crush anything not made of Richardson Coalition blood?

I feel like a huge idiot for wasting so much of my time getting involved in local politics. Because that's exactly what it was; a waste. This council was set the second that dumb mailer came out and we should've all just packed up and gone home. I'm sure this is exactly what they want though- Kill all interest in city government while they're still young! Let 'em know it's fixed and that they'll never win, then maybe they'll stop paying attention and we can get back to running the show our way.

Well, sorry but I won't. Luckily, I'm rebellious by nature so this only makes me want to pay closer attention, stay more involved, and work so much harder next time to make sure that at least some balance exists on the council.

Two good things did come from this election, though. First, I think the Bache-Wiig's might finally adopt me, and second, I got to meet Chuck Eismann last night.....he handed me a membership form, I signed it in blood, and then I only had to give him one of my children for his baby stew (which is good news because I'd heard the going rate is normally two- he must like me!)....
Mayor Destiny....has nice ring to it.
It's possible (maybe not probable) that Gary will be off the council by 2525...but who knows, he acts quite cyborgish from time to time so I wouldn't be surprised if he was still our, I mean Mayor.
This one's for you Rapist Glasses:

(One of my new sister's coined that term, and I think it's spot on)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Ok, enough with all this seriously hostile, totally not funny campaign junk....

Time to pour a glass of wine, sit back, relax and dedicate some songs to my favorite city council candidates....

First off-Bob, you could use a little of this...some advice from your finger flip'en twin...

Mr. Denton, have Teddy set your alarm clock NOW and FILE on time already!

To the super ambitious and phenomenal Jennifer Justice (You make all other 25 year olds feel like completely unaccomplished losers)...

Jimmy, you're gonna win this, please believe it! Don't let the elevator break you down...
(by the way, the only thing better than Kids Incorporated covering Prince...Jesus. Seriously that's it.)

For Mark, some Marky-Mark of course:

And to Mr.Volmer, a little St.Thomas by Sonny Rollins...

To my wonderful friend Chris Davis...

For Murph...who's actually a pretty nice guy that I have a little bit in common with, turns out.

To Sheryl:

...just like me

To Tom-we all know your voters are just waiting for election day to come out and cast their ballots, and if they don't, just...

Plus, here's one for the foxy Mrs.Bache-Wiig, because it's SO perfect...

To the lovely Daine Wardrup...only because I am such a ridiculously enormous Bache-Wiig supporter! (I don't really want you dead)

To Gary with Love--P.S. you haven't been legit in a while so maybe it's time to, I dunno, quit?

or perhaps this one is a better fit for you, sir...

For Mayor Mitchell:

(I kid, I kid)

To Pris, we all know it's come'n...

And for Mr.Mace-Dog, because according to the RC he's "fresh"...

Denny! How could I forget Denny, after all I did vote for him, didn't I?

(The Police-get it?)

And finally, to my good friend Amir...

...and a very special dedication just for his senior tax freeze...

How had I not seen this sooner?!?!?!

They could be long lost brothers right?

Urgent E-mail


Tomorrow is election day in Richardson and voters are being bombarded with information by members of the Richardson Coalition like Larry Zacharias, our former police chief. Today's Coalition email seeks to disparage the Richardson Fire Fighters Association by implying that they are a "union" and have evil intentions behind their support of non-Coalition candidates.

One needs to ask why this small group of wealthy, Richardson residents that make up the Richardson Coalition (not elected, not official...a political action committee) is working so fervently to hang on to the power they have enjoyed in Richardson for the past several decades under the rule of Gary Slagel and John Murphy. This effort to avoid change on the Council and regain the mayor post for Slagel, is what led Chuck Eisemann to spend $15,000 a year ago to start the Richardson Coalition, conduct surveys to acquire email addresses and begin to send out emails that ultimately led to their biased Voters Guide mailed out recently.

The things that the Coalition is falsely charging against others, are the very things they are involved in themselves. Today's email regarding the Fire Fighters Association questioning their endorsements failed to mention that Coalition candidates are taking PAC money themselves.

John Murphy has accepted $750 from the Metrotex Realtors PAC and $2,000 from the Trinity Industries Employees PAC. Also, $500 from local developer, Greg Cooney of II Creeks, who has received economic incentives from the city.

The Coalition failed to mention that Gary Slagel has accepted money from local developers (Greg Cooney $500 - II Creeks Development & Mike Palpant $500 - Cantera Development on land purchased from Richardson) that have received or are yet to receive economic incentives from the city for their developments. This is in addition to his $750 from Realtors PAC.

And the Coalition is "worried" about candidates who receive money from those who put their lives on the line for us all each and every day????

It is the Coalition Voters Guide that falsely accused Chris Davis and Diane Wardrup of conducting "mean-spirited, unethical" campaigns...a complete fabrication and is very thing the Coalition has done with its voters guide.

It is Coalition members like former Mayor Martha Ritter who recently verbally acosted non-coalition candidates and a fire fighter and then self-righteously ripped the sign of non-coalition candidates at the early voting site. (conserveandprotect) & (DMN-Richardson)

I could go on and on, but it boils down to this. Tomorrow is election day. Early voting hit a record high. The citizens of Richardson have a choice to go forward with fresh, new leadership or to go backwards and following Coalition recommendations re-install Gary Slagel as mayor and maintain our city government as a closed, cliquish kingdom for the "anointed" to enjoy and use for their benefit.

Consider the ethical challenges of the man and his company (CapitalSoft) who asks us to "trust" him with our economic future....the man the latest political flier dubbed "Mr. Jobs". This man, Gary Slagel, is desperately trying to hang on to his power after 22 years in office and 16 years as mayor of Richardson.

Larry Zacharias, Chuck Eisemann and the Coalition should be ashamed of themselves for trying to deceive the good people of Richardson in this manner. Isn't it interesting that the same Express Email Marketing is the source of both Slagel/Zacharias and the Richardson Coalition's email blasts?

If you want a non-biased view of the candidates, please consider the League of Women Voters Guide and tape of their forum found at their website:

Please do take the time to vote in this election. Your participation in this process makes your neighborhood stronger and our city stronger.

The local polls are open tomorrow from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Below is a list of where each precinct's polling place is located.


1700 Greenwood Hills Elementary

1701 Canyon Creek Elementary

1702 Prairie Creek Elementary

1703 Mohawk Elementary

1704 North Junior High

1705 Northrich Elementary

1706 Arapaho Classical Magnet

1707 Heights Elementary

1708 Dover Elementary

1709 Richardson Professional Development Center ( Old Heights Baptist Church & Classical Magnet School)

1710 Terrace Elementary

1711 Richardson East Church of Christ

1712 Yale Elementary

1713 & 1714 Dartmouth Elementary

1715 Berkner High School

1716 Jess Harben Elementary

1717 MST Magnet (Old Richardson Junior High)

1721, 1722 & 1726 Richland Elementary

2101 Spring Park Sports Club

2102 Spring Creek Elementary, 1510 Spring Creek, Garland 75050


78 & 110 Richardson Police Substation

48 & 55 Aldridge Elementary

94 & 125 Miller Elementary

Rain or Shine....

we'll still take your sign!

And now for something completely different...


By Darrell Day

Since no one has done any systematic polling of Richardson voters before Saturday's crucial election, I'm going to look into the future to make the predictions. Think Johnny Carson with his swami hat, blowing into an envelope.

These are NOT my choices or endorsements, but simply a prediction of who will win, based on their name ID and the type of campaigns they have waged.

Since the odds are slim that a write-in candidate can mount a serious challenge, Bob Townsend will win. Bill Denton ran neck-and-neck with Townsend two years ago, losing by less than 300 votes. But a write-in campaign is a long shot, and a candidate has to spend a lot of money to get out the word. There are lots of people who vote without really paying attention, or are well versed in some races but not this one. Also, some people typically try to vote for a write-in, but do it incorrectly and get their votes thrown out.


Mark Solomon has advertised heavily, while Jimmy Schnurr has burned up the shoe leather, visiting 3,100 homes of City Council election voters. Thomas Volmer hasn't mounted a serious campaign, and Jennifer Justice ran a low-budget campaign pitching herself to young voters. Justice made a smart move by sending out absentee ballots that were already filled out, and also has the advantage of being at the top of a long list of candidates. There's been an interesting dynamic with the Coalition's endorsement of Solomon. The nasty nature of the mailer prompted a slew of people to run their own voting guides - Jim Shepherd, Rhea Allison, homeowners presidents, Fire Fighters Association, etc. - with all endorsing Schnurr. (Shepherd recommended both Schnurr and Solomon.) The resulting backlash against the Coalition gave Shnurr a lot of attention that he couldn't have bought himself.


Interesting race, with long-time incumbent John Murphy against long-time neighborhood activist Chris Davis. Sheryl Miller joins the fray with her small but loyal cadre of supporters to push this race into a runoff. Forty-eight hours ago I would have predicted Murphy would have won without a runoff, but Davis' late-game mailer was very effective. The big question is
the nature of the large early voting. With 3,500 people voting early, does this mean that: A) six contested races just generate a lot of attention; B) the Coalition's mailer has brought out the pro-Slagel/Murphy forces; C) the Coalition mailer has backfired and inspired people to turn out in droves to dump Slagel's team, or D) the Muslim candidate Omar has inspired fellow Muslims to turn out in an election they often ignore? I would venture that "C" is the correct answer. If the Coalition's mailer had been - as it claimed - an objective rating of candidates, its professional appearance would have carried a lot of weight and it would have been effective. But it went over the line in its nastiness, and therefore probably backfired. Frowny-face, indeed.


Fascinating race. The nature of the early voting is again the big variable. Slagel's support is probably a constant and we can assume that heavier than normal turnout means people other than his usual loyalists are turning out, and that's good news for Diane Wardrup. But Saturday's prediction of rain could lower turnout tomorrow and that's bad news for Wardrup. I'm digging
Tom Bache-Wiig's spirited campaign, and he was delightful at the debates, but he doesn't have the ground game to be a significant factor. Zacharias' last-minute Email campaign could help Slagel. Wardrup's direct mail has been effective, with almost every point in her piece a subtle dig at Slagel's reputation for back-room deal-making.


Bob Macy is well-known for his volunteer work, and has a strong number of signs in yards, but Pris Hayes will wallop him on the east side to win it. Hayes hasn't campaigned real hard, so this won't be the blowout it could have been.


Scaring off the competition is the name of the game for Steve Mitchell.

This race has had more twists and turns than a Six Flags roller coaster. Omar has campaigned hard. Is there a plot of open ground in Richardson that doesn't have one of his signs? Like Slagel, the Coalition mailer has done the heavy lifting for him. Dennis Stewart has stated his case for reelection simply: incumbents don't get thrown out unless they're crooked, incompetent or been there too long, and none of those three circumstances apply to him. With 60% of Richardson's traditional City Council voters over 60 years old, a name like "Stewart" gets the button pushed more than a name like "Omar." Stewart has campaigned hard and pointed out that Omar has only lived here two years. The kiss of death in Richardson politics.


A most fascinating campaign season! It will either mark the rebirth of Slagel's career as Mayor, or signal a sea change of new Councilmembers and discrediting of the Richardson Coalition.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gary Slagel: The Best Mayor Money Can Buy!

Time to repost this.

Be There or Be Square...

Give me a Call, Girl!

Finally, for the first time in over a month I dreamt about something other than the Richardson City Council race last night!...Granted, I dreamt about prostitutes...and chicken alfredo pizza, but hey, I'll take it! What a nice break from the norm; far, far, far from the norm.

City council candidate Chris Davis (Pl.3) let me tag along with her to the DPD's monthly Prostitute Round-up! The only stipulation, I had to bring cookies. Fair enough. We swung by Watermark (her church) and picked up some coffee for the women, officers and volunteers, then headed out to Fair Park.
The police trailer's set up in the Smirnoff Center parking lot. (I'm so un-hip and out of the loop, is that still what they're calling that place? I only knew it as Starplex, but for all I know it could be Eismannplex by now. Whatever, you know where I'm talking about)

As soon as we got there, Chris jumped right in, rolled up her sleeves and started making sandwiches for the girls...
Once it got dark, the vice officers went out and began picking up girls. (Could you imagine being married to one of these guys??? I mean, they know where all the swinging prostitute pick-ups in town would make me think twice before starting a fight over the trash not being taken out, that's for sure.)

Anyway, once the women started showing up I have to say I was shocked. They were all pretty 'ok' with what was happening. They got screened and treated for STD's, talked to the social workers, ate some food and tweaked a bit, but that was pretty much the extent of it. Chris help assess a woman who had 5 children. Prostitution is far from a victimless crime.

After their assessments they went into another trailer to see the on-site judge, and some of the women were then eligible for drug treatment facilities rather than just jail.

At the end of the night I was able to talk to Sgt.'I don't want my picture to show up on some dumb blog' and he explained how law enforcement from all over the US is coming to Dallas to study this set-up since it's the first of its kind. No wonder Chris is so pumped about this.

Sergeant Felini (above w/ Chris) is the one who started the whole operation.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If ya need me, I've....

Have no clue what I'm talking about???

My Apology Letter to Bitter Ritter

Dear Martha,

I have many times made a complete ass out of myself, in public, also. So just know that you are in good company.

Furthermore, as a feminist, I cannot even blame these actions on my period, same as you and that whole menopause dealio you have (had) going on (years ago). Some times 'we's just gots to act a fool.' I hear ya sister! Explain that nonsense to my 3-year-old next time ya see her, will ya? She be acting like she seens a monster, but yo, it's just how we do, right?!? I mean fo realz, sometimes there ain't nothing else to do but throw down...represent, right?

Look, sis, i'z got yo back. If they'z be com'en round again, post'en that mess up, I'll rip that s*@$! down too, yo! Fo realz. No joke.

They don't know what it be like to be raised on the streets, boo...or, I mean, raised on the course, in your's even worse than the be like little bitty streets, not even full size yo, that sh*%!'s be hard to navigate fo realz, ESPECIALLY in a golf cart!
Ok, so sorry againz cuz, no doubt.

You Gangsta though, fo realz~~


Just to make sure it's fresh on your mind.....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

For Old Times' Sake....

I drove around with this on my car for a week after the whole '40 Deuces' debacle happened...anybody have a new sticker I can borrow?

Ed's got the full story.

Martha Ritter (Not Recommended)

Our assessment of former Mayor, former Citizen of the Year and Coalition member, Martha Ritter's ability to stage a good flip out is one of disappointment. I've seen you tea-sipper's get cut in front of at Neiman's, you can do better than this. Unfortunately no shoes were thrown, no hair-pieces pulled and no biting, all that happened was she came to the early voting site this morning and verbally accosted non-coalition candidates and Richardson fireman, Noel Saldivar. This was before she declared the sign notifying voters "illegal" and ripped the Coalition voters guide from the sign. Not a hair-piece, but I'll take it...

The sign before:

After Hurricane Martha blew through:

Now, why are these people working so hard to maintain their power in the city? One can only wonder if they stand to lose some benefit, or are they working to keep something concealed? What a sad, shameful way for this poor, elite-RC woman to act.

Monday, May 4, 2009

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Here are the signs we'll be collection:
Bob Townsend
Bill Denton
Bob Macy
Pris Hayes
Steve Mitchell
Amir Omar
Dennis Stewart

If you are in a "run-off eligible" race but would still like your signs to be collected, send me an e-mail at and I will add you to the list!

*Also, per Pam at the CC, no alcohol is permitted on the premises. So if you bring it, be prepared for them take it away. No givesy-backsies.

Just For The Record....

After a long day at the polls with my new B.F.F. Amir Omar, some might wonder if the landscape of my front yard has changed at all. I mean, he did let me borrow his jacket when I was cold *swoon*, then he wore a Bache-Wiig sticker for goodness sake, AND he entertained all of us with a wonderful array of Bill Denton impressions (everyone except Bill, of course, who you could totally tell was NOT on the A-team) so let's go ahead and check in with my front yard....

Destiny: Front yard, are you there?
Front yard: Yeah, Destiny, I'm here. What's going on?
Destiny: Well front yard, I have to ask, have there been any changes in your 'yard art' recently?
Front yard: Hmmmm, I don't know, why don't you take a look for yourself:
I will not be bought by chivalrous acts from the world's most perfect gentleman. Amir is seriously the nicest guy you will ever meet....but don't be fooled, his name is really spelled Ameer. You've been warned.

PLUS, Denny Stewart is REALLY funny, second only to Tom Bache-Wiig who's just basically retarded. Wait, we can't say that anymore can we...or can we?....last I heard it's back on, right?....after this:

Point of reference:

With a name like Destiny...who's at all surprised I'm hanging around polls all day...

And fun was had by everyone!

Poor Amir...He can't help who he digs.

Bache-Wiig means "Huge Dork" in Norwegian by the way

What a beautiful couple...

...and then there's the enemy...

Am I the only one who thinks he would be better off as a male model?
Seriously...when did the parking lot become a cat walk?

...and another one of Amir...

Then he showed us a neat trick he learned in Ladies' Home Journal to get rid of tie fuzz...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

more pictures.....

Like buzzards on a gut wagon...

Diane who?

Me & my friend Gary Davis! I live in his old house...
Even Mr.Incredible showed up!

By the way, am I the only one who sees the resemblance?
Or maybe even...
...with a little...I mean not in this picture, of course, but who could pass up THIS picture???
Any finally, my personal favorite, Tom doing his impression of 'Old Tom' pandering for votes.

Will you vote for Steve Mitchell for Mayor?

Click On Candidate's Name To View Their Website

Bob Townsend-Undecided
Bill Denton-YES
Thomas Volmer-YES
Jennifer Justice-Plead the 5th (stated during the first forum)
Jimmy Schnurr-YES
Mark Solomon-Plead the 5th (stated during the first forum)
Sheryl Miller-YES
John Murphy- He has "promised his vote to no one."
Chris Davis-YES
Gary Slagel- Left Message
Tom Bache-Wiig-YES
Diane Wardrup-YES
Bob Macy-Undecided
Pris Hayes-Undecided
Steve Mitchell-I can only assume (:
Amir Omar-Undecided
Dennis Stewart-YES

....on a side note, can I just say how great it is that all of our City Council Candidate's numbers are listed.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Gary Slagel

This is your life...

Please forward this link on.

The Letter of the Day is: D...along with T&BW

(Warning: The link below gets a bit potty mouth)

Personally, I kind of like Ed, he's the E-bag to my D...well, you get it.