Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gary Slagel: The Best Mayor Money Can Buy!

Time to repost this.


  1. You know you can TRUST Slagel.....NOT!


  2. Got this in the email this morning from the Rich Hard Son Coalition ..

    Before you vote, we urge you to open and read the two recent news articles below about the concerning control of local politics Fire Fighters Associations are attempting in these elections. The articles are about the Plano election, but as our recent Coalition editorial highlighted, the same strategy is being employed
    in the Richardson election.

    My answer to that:

    Who should I trust? Firefighters who risk life and limb to keep me safe ... or Gary Slagel?

  3. But Slagel once risked a hang nail to authorize a city check to a developer who was giving him campaign contributions. Doesn't that count as sacrifice?