Thursday, May 7, 2009

Give me a Call, Girl!

Finally, for the first time in over a month I dreamt about something other than the Richardson City Council race last night!...Granted, I dreamt about prostitutes...and chicken alfredo pizza, but hey, I'll take it! What a nice break from the norm; far, far, far from the norm.

City council candidate Chris Davis (Pl.3) let me tag along with her to the DPD's monthly Prostitute Round-up! The only stipulation, I had to bring cookies. Fair enough. We swung by Watermark (her church) and picked up some coffee for the women, officers and volunteers, then headed out to Fair Park.
The police trailer's set up in the Smirnoff Center parking lot. (I'm so un-hip and out of the loop, is that still what they're calling that place? I only knew it as Starplex, but for all I know it could be Eismannplex by now. Whatever, you know where I'm talking about)

As soon as we got there, Chris jumped right in, rolled up her sleeves and started making sandwiches for the girls...
Once it got dark, the vice officers went out and began picking up girls. (Could you imagine being married to one of these guys??? I mean, they know where all the swinging prostitute pick-ups in town would make me think twice before starting a fight over the trash not being taken out, that's for sure.)

Anyway, once the women started showing up I have to say I was shocked. They were all pretty 'ok' with what was happening. They got screened and treated for STD's, talked to the social workers, ate some food and tweaked a bit, but that was pretty much the extent of it. Chris help assess a woman who had 5 children. Prostitution is far from a victimless crime.

After their assessments they went into another trailer to see the on-site judge, and some of the women were then eligible for drug treatment facilities rather than just jail.

At the end of the night I was able to talk to Sgt.'I don't want my picture to show up on some dumb blog' and he explained how law enforcement from all over the US is coming to Dallas to study this set-up since it's the first of its kind. No wonder Chris is so pumped about this.

Sergeant Felini (above w/ Chris) is the one who started the whole operation.


  1. Why the beep doesn't candidate Davis use a candid pic like these in her campaign literature?

    Shallow of me, but the pics she uses are not complimentary... not talking "looks" as much as Energy..

    A tip o' the hat to the DPD and candidate Davis for working in this way.

  2. I am PERSONALLY offended! Considering I took the one she has on her most recent mailer and another that she had in her first mailer.

    jerk. (: