Monday, May 11, 2009

Glasses Only A Slagel Could love....

So what have we learned?

We've learned that the Richardson Coalition has a formula; a formula that works.

Granted it's the formula for catatonic Kool-Aid, but hey, what's good enough for Jonestown is certainly good enough for Richardson!

The problem is, no matter what anyone else says or 'blogs,' I don't agree that Richardson still won based on or regardless of this formula. Pris Hayes should still be on council. We have not gained any "fresh" new member that can compensate for what she had to offer our city and for what we inevitable lost by not re-electing her.

Two thousand people were given a slate of candidates, and told to vote for them based on nothing more than two years worth of ill gotten e-mail "trust." And they did! That's all it took for the Eismann/Slagel reign to regain control.

Our next step is obvious. Sure, we could follow this same formula the RC used, but should we? No. Enlisting anyone with a voter ID and a pulse into a massive e-mail brigade is not how Richardson will win. We must do it the right way.

I propose this...I call it the 4 R's, or wait, 3 R's, no wait, yeah, I had it right the first time, 4 R's. Never mind, scrap the R's, how about this:


We get a name, form a PAC, and organize our members. We issue tin foil hats and expose the truth behind this city's "legacy." We keep ourselves and others 'in the know' regarding all of the inevitable future scandals just waiting to happen and we follow that up by promoting the good, upright leaders who are ready to serve this city, moral compasses still intact.


  1. I am disappointed about Pris as well. I hope she continues to be active in the community.

  2. Watch Channel 11 Wed. night at 10:00 pm.

  3. If you can give me a little more info Linda I can post something about it letting people know to watch.

    I actually saw the Ch.11 news cameras at the council meeting tonight.

  4. Organize.

    With PACs now doing this in our local city elections, it's going to take a response in kind to change leadership.

    P.S. Lose the "tin foil hats."

  5. ...but they really bring out my eyes, Ed.



  6. PAC = big bucks. Those 4' x 6' OMAR signs aren't free, ya know.

    So... who to sponsor (i.e. write the checks)

    I know! Write the checks! Pay Day Loans! We need some of those in East Richardson. Wait.. they already are there.. Hmmm...

    Let me think about this for a while ...

  7. I can't believe a newcomer like Omar won. It really says something for people to elect an individual who has barely even resided in the city long enough to register to vote.

    Personally speaking, I wouldn't even think of running for a council seat before living in a place at least 10 years.