Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hope to see you all there!


  1. From the DMSnooze blog
    quoteRichardson council: Coalition candidates lead
    7:15 PM Sat, May 09, 2009
    Ian McCann/Reporter

    In early voting, everybody endorsed by the Richardson Coalition - the group heavily funded by Charles Eisemann that is strongly backing council member Gary Slagel, the former mayor - is leading.

    Place 1: Bob Townsend is up 3-1 over write-in Bill Denton

    Place 2: Mark Solomon won't need a runoff if his lead holds over Jimmy Schnurr, Jennifer Justice and Thomas Volmer. (Incumbent Rhea Allison isn't running for re-election.)

    Place 3: John Murphy holds a strong lead over Chris Davis and Sheryl Miller

    Place 4: Gary Slagel holds a strong lead over Diane Wardrup and Tom Bache-Wiig

    Place 5: Pris Hayes is losing to Bob Macy

    Place 7: Dennis Stewart is behind Amir Omar

    And, of course, the uncontested Steve Mitchell has 100 percent of the Place 6 vote.

    Considering the weak turnout today, this could mean Gary Slagel is poised to regain the mayor's position. (After the dust is settled with the election, council members choose the mayor from within their own ranks.) unquote

  2. ranks - exactly the word I would have used too.