Monday, May 18, 2009

Public Outcry vs. The Outcry of a 65-year old Spoiled Brat...who will win the People or the Politician?

My kids throw tantrums all the time too, Chuck. So, I totally understand...

But from what all the experts say, you're just suppose to IGNORE IT, DON'T GIVE IN or you will have set a precedent, and they will continue to do it the rest of their life. Then before you know it that ice cream cone will be come a mayorship...

Click through and read the whole article, it's very good:

From Pegasus News, 1.24.08-
The public outcry for leadership change was so intense that those monitoring the situation were sure it would happen. Soon-to-be-former Mayor Gary Slagel was offered an opportunity to bow out gracefully, but with arrogant confidence, dismissed what some viewed as the inevitable. A number of henchmen, known to associate with a group calling itself "Friends of Richardson", were working the phones in what has been described as an offensive, foul-languaged attempt to intimidate a fourth vote out of the recent additions to Council. Much to their disappointment these gestapo-like tactics would fail and another elected member of the Council would be selected as the lead representative of Richardson. This was done in full public view because it was determined the conclave method, which had been executed in numerous previous instances, might have been a criminal act.

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  1. The 'personnel discussion' the City gave as the reason is weak. Their trained dog attorney said all the right things, but this is not the same as discussing someone's salary or reasons for termination.

    Wait. I guess it was discussing reasons for terminating Steve Mitchell as Mayor. So.. maybe it does fall under the 'private meeting' permissions.

    However, is there some 'cone of silence' that prevents anyone from telling the populace what the reasons were for booting out the Mayor?