Friday, May 15, 2009

Just a week ago today...

This time last week I was filled with so much anticipation and hope for our great city. I had such naive, childlike like, political ideals. I really thought my vote was worth the chip it was downloaded on....oh, but don't worry, things have since changed.

That season in my life is over now. I am no longer the sucker I was last Friday.

Amir has given me some much appreciated insight into the thought-provoking prowess of politicians, and I must say I DO see many his points much more now than I did before. (A senior tax freeze will still bankrupt Richardson, but that's neither here nor there) What I'm getting at is politicians HAVE TO PLAY THE GAME. So don't hate Amir, hate the game. To be an elected official in this city, I now know you must make concessions. Become a team player, not a lone ethical ranger pulling stunts like not voting for Slagel just to prove something to the tin foil hat crowd! After all you do have to work with these people for the next two years, right??

What a silly, young idealist I was way back last Friday. Laughable really. Oh my! I actually think I just felt my first grey hair sprout up (dye, dye, DYE!), not to mention the strange hankering I've had lately for grapenuts. (Hahaha! Grapenuts, that reminds me of that silly joke of my youth 'what do mothballs smell like?') Perhaps I'm not as old and cynical as I thought I was, because, dang, that joke still cracks me up...or how about 'What's that steering wheel doing in your crotch, pirate?'


Golden.....not as in girls, just as in classic. I'm still young and idealistic, I swear! I swear! I like toilet humor for goodness sake, don't I?????? How many of our newly elected council members would answer that 'mothballs' joke with a punch line, huh? When was the last time any of them LOL-ed or ROTFL or were found DOA....oh sorry, wait, that last one went too far, my apologies.

Anyway, (back on track) just in case any of you thought I was an Amir-bashing-bigot (Nathan), I'm not. I really was void of sarcasm in that 3rd paragraph, I promise....ok, well maybe not void, but a minimized amount, certainly? That's possible, right? Either way, to make up for any confusion, and to make sure that Amir will still give me one of his free Wildflower Festival tickets, I'll share this pretty darn flattering (for people who love Muslims and whatnot) news article about my B.F.F.:

DMN <3's Amir

Ok, enough for now, I think a rain must be a brew'n, because my joints are a ache'n.


  1. Fair warning: disjointed mid-coffee mumblings follow.

    I don't think that everyone who voted against Amir did so because they are, uhhh, Islamophobes. (is that a word?). And I didn't see any Muslim-bashing here in Conserve&Protect, so I would be very surprised if the CORnews editorials about Islamophobia were addressing this blog specifically.

    There does, however, appear to be a vocal subset of folks out there that would not consider voting for a Muslim candidate. Reading the comments in the DMN article on this topic will illustrate:
    Yee-haw, billy bob.

    IMO voting for/against any candidate based on a religious affiliation (or gender, race, etc) is the stuff of 3rd world tribal cultures. Since we have progressed past the open-sewer-and-mud-hut phase I would hope Our Fair City would not fall prey to tribalist urges.

    Anecdote: I live within walking distance of the mosque, and this past halloween my Muslim neighbor children from the block came by for candy. Costumes worn over hejab, unfailingly polite, older kids gently shepherding the younger. They were delightful. I cannot say the same about all the trick-or-treaters that night.

  2. Speaking of the mosque, did I hear them right at the forum? Do they really offer free health advice/screenings some evenings during the week to the community?

    And btw, I know Nathan wasn't talking about me. (I was just giving him a hard time.) I did however get some similar backlash one time from a group of strangers when I mentioned that I didn't vote for Obama...obviously it's because I'm a racist, right, I mean what other reason could there be for making such an epic mistake?????