Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Martha Ritter (Not Recommended)

Our assessment of former Mayor, former Citizen of the Year and Coalition member, Martha Ritter's ability to stage a good flip out is one of disappointment. I've seen you tea-sipper's get cut in front of at Neiman's, you can do better than this. Unfortunately no shoes were thrown, no hair-pieces pulled and no biting, all that happened was she came to the early voting site this morning and verbally accosted non-coalition candidates and Richardson fireman, Noel Saldivar. This was before she declared the sign notifying voters "illegal" and ripped the Coalition voters guide from the sign. Not a hair-piece, but I'll take it...

The sign before:

After Hurricane Martha blew through:

Now, why are these people working so hard to maintain their power in the city? One can only wonder if they stand to lose some benefit, or are they working to keep something concealed? What a sad, shameful way for this poor, elite-RC woman to act.


  1. This was before she declared the sign notifying voters "illegal" and ripped the Coalition voters guide from the sign.

    She actually said "illegal"?

    Wow.. So I guess her next step should have been to call the RPD and have someone tazed... Consider yourself lucky if all that was done was ripping her brochure off of some posterboard.

  2. What's with this lady? Now I understand why people "lovingly" refer to her as "Bitter Ritter". She has ruined herself in this community. Her actions are unexplainable, particularly since Gary Slagel and his cronies were the ones that got her booted off the council in '87. Earth to Martha - you have completely embarrassed yourself...and you can forget about any legacy.

  3. Who does this woman think she is to deface ANY sign that is not hers? The gall of these Coalition people. Richardson belongs to the people...not the Coalition.

  4. If absolute power corrupts absolutely... what does absolute arrogance cause???

  5. Absolute arrogance vandalizes property arrogantly?

  6. Everyone misunderstands this poor lady. Here's how it works.

    When you are in sole posession of the Truth, all your actions must be, by definition, correct.

    One must not offend the Great and Mighty RC.