Thursday, May 28, 2009

Richardson's Red Light Cameras

Act I of today's blog-brought to you by Craigslist

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Bulk Scrap Metal*Must Pick-Up* Available in July 2019 (Richardson)

Date: 2009-05-28, 7:56PM CDT

Due to the lack of citations during the 2009-2019 red light camera era, the City of Richardson has been forced to cut back immensely in their slush fund budget. Early on projections that it would increase such funds were straight up whack. Due to this drop in the city budget all slushy parties for city official are cancelled until further notice. (Ok, so I know a slush fund actually refers to a nautical grease slush and not slushie's-I wikipedia'd it-but still, I like to picture it going towards slushy parties. Murph's favorite flavor is grape in this fantasy by the way, and he always spills a little on his tie.) Either way, this frivolous safety cannot continue. That being said, mark your calendars, 10 years and two months from today the COR will have a boatload of scrap metal for one lucky truck owner to round-up....and then in the days following there will probably be much more scrap at the neighborhood impound.

Location: Richardson
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Act II

Not only am I FOR red light cameras, and FOR extending the contract 10 years, I am also FOR adding more cameras to every intersection in the city. As a member of the Extreme Christian Right I was being fed 'Mark of the Beast/End Times' propaganda in the cradle you guys. I am a VERY paranoid individual when it comes to people implanting microchips into my dog, led alone ME! And yet, I still do not feel the least bit violated by these cameras. I assume I'm being watched when I try on jeans at the Gap, heck, I assume I'm being watched when I shower in the privacy of my own home. And to Big Brother, I only offer my condolences. I don't even wanna look at that mess, so if you do, more power to ya. If it saves lives in the process, than way more power to you!


  1. I am conflicted by the red light camera situation. I think they do reduce red light violations over time, but I suspect cities are more concerned with revenue than safety _per se_.

    Anecdote: I was at the intersection of Bowser/Main earlier this year and a westbound truck ran the red light so late that he actually went *behind* me as I passed through the intersection. I could see him fly by in my rearview. Holy crap, amigo. Have a care.

    Digression: I think it would be productive to put a "report a jerk" page up on TxDOT. Key in the plate, the time, and the nature of the jerkiness. Not that every lead should be followed up on, but if a pattern emerges where some driver is getting peer-reported 3x/week, then perhaps DPS should have a chat with that driver. Or hang out where the violations are reported. I call this the JerkPlate Program. It might help curb some of the cellphone-gabbing, no-blinker-using, 5-lane-exiting, hyperaggressive, swervedriving nutsos out there.

    There. My rant is done. :-)

  2. Bloggermouse,

    I was up in the air on this issue at first too b/c I did just see it as a revenue generator, but then I read this article from a year ago:
    Seems like it's actually having the opposite effect in a lot of places.