Monday, May 18, 2009

Steve Mitchell- Hate to see ya go, but looove to watch ya leave.

(Just kidding, Karen)

Anybody with their head screwed on straight would have voted for YOU too!

I'm so proud of you for not being one of their sheep. And to celebrate your bold move, a little Sinatra.

(Abrahm said being the Leslie Gore fan you are that you would prefer this version)

I still like this one, though (:

Btw, anybody else catch that Bull$#!% line about getting 'back on track' from ol' Rapist Glasses?
I'd sooner jump on a heroin track than any track of his....


  1. Perhaps Slagel can explain why it was a good idea to put all the eggs in one basket (Telecommunications Corridor). I hope he doesn't have any other brilliant ideas like that. From what I hear, Nortel has become a real estate company.


  2. Wonder why Steve did not nominate himself? Woulda been great to watch the rest of the council squirm ...

    Oh well, he has to work with Slag and the Slagettes the next two years...

  3. I'd say for the next 2 yrs. we all should encourage our ex-mayor to "BE THE ONE" Be a Jim Shepherd. Take a stand.