Friday, May 8, 2009

Urgent E-mail


Tomorrow is election day in Richardson and voters are being bombarded with information by members of the Richardson Coalition like Larry Zacharias, our former police chief. Today's Coalition email seeks to disparage the Richardson Fire Fighters Association by implying that they are a "union" and have evil intentions behind their support of non-Coalition candidates.

One needs to ask why this small group of wealthy, Richardson residents that make up the Richardson Coalition (not elected, not official...a political action committee) is working so fervently to hang on to the power they have enjoyed in Richardson for the past several decades under the rule of Gary Slagel and John Murphy. This effort to avoid change on the Council and regain the mayor post for Slagel, is what led Chuck Eisemann to spend $15,000 a year ago to start the Richardson Coalition, conduct surveys to acquire email addresses and begin to send out emails that ultimately led to their biased Voters Guide mailed out recently.

The things that the Coalition is falsely charging against others, are the very things they are involved in themselves. Today's email regarding the Fire Fighters Association questioning their endorsements failed to mention that Coalition candidates are taking PAC money themselves.

John Murphy has accepted $750 from the Metrotex Realtors PAC and $2,000 from the Trinity Industries Employees PAC. Also, $500 from local developer, Greg Cooney of II Creeks, who has received economic incentives from the city.

The Coalition failed to mention that Gary Slagel has accepted money from local developers (Greg Cooney $500 - II Creeks Development & Mike Palpant $500 - Cantera Development on land purchased from Richardson) that have received or are yet to receive economic incentives from the city for their developments. This is in addition to his $750 from Realtors PAC.

And the Coalition is "worried" about candidates who receive money from those who put their lives on the line for us all each and every day????

It is the Coalition Voters Guide that falsely accused Chris Davis and Diane Wardrup of conducting "mean-spirited, unethical" campaigns...a complete fabrication and is very thing the Coalition has done with its voters guide.

It is Coalition members like former Mayor Martha Ritter who recently verbally acosted non-coalition candidates and a fire fighter and then self-righteously ripped the sign of non-coalition candidates at the early voting site. (conserveandprotect) & (DMN-Richardson)

I could go on and on, but it boils down to this. Tomorrow is election day. Early voting hit a record high. The citizens of Richardson have a choice to go forward with fresh, new leadership or to go backwards and following Coalition recommendations re-install Gary Slagel as mayor and maintain our city government as a closed, cliquish kingdom for the "anointed" to enjoy and use for their benefit.

Consider the ethical challenges of the man and his company (CapitalSoft) who asks us to "trust" him with our economic future....the man the latest political flier dubbed "Mr. Jobs". This man, Gary Slagel, is desperately trying to hang on to his power after 22 years in office and 16 years as mayor of Richardson.

Larry Zacharias, Chuck Eisemann and the Coalition should be ashamed of themselves for trying to deceive the good people of Richardson in this manner. Isn't it interesting that the same Express Email Marketing is the source of both Slagel/Zacharias and the Richardson Coalition's email blasts?

If you want a non-biased view of the candidates, please consider the League of Women Voters Guide and tape of their forum found at their website:

Please do take the time to vote in this election. Your participation in this process makes your neighborhood stronger and our city stronger.

The local polls are open tomorrow from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Below is a list of where each precinct's polling place is located.


1700 Greenwood Hills Elementary

1701 Canyon Creek Elementary

1702 Prairie Creek Elementary

1703 Mohawk Elementary

1704 North Junior High

1705 Northrich Elementary

1706 Arapaho Classical Magnet

1707 Heights Elementary

1708 Dover Elementary

1709 Richardson Professional Development Center ( Old Heights Baptist Church & Classical Magnet School)

1710 Terrace Elementary

1711 Richardson East Church of Christ

1712 Yale Elementary

1713 & 1714 Dartmouth Elementary

1715 Berkner High School

1716 Jess Harben Elementary

1717 MST Magnet (Old Richardson Junior High)

1721, 1722 & 1726 Richland Elementary

2101 Spring Park Sports Club

2102 Spring Creek Elementary, 1510 Spring Creek, Garland 75050


78 & 110 Richardson Police Substation

48 & 55 Aldridge Elementary

94 & 125 Miller Elementary

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