Sunday, May 10, 2009

What was the point?

Why did we waste our time going to all those forums?
Why did the candidate's waste their time walking all of those neighborhoods?
Why did anyone waste any money on this election when we KNEW we were going up against a machine? A machine that was destined to crush anything not made of Richardson Coalition blood?

I feel like a huge idiot for wasting so much of my time getting involved in local politics. Because that's exactly what it was; a waste. This council was set the second that dumb mailer came out and we should've all just packed up and gone home. I'm sure this is exactly what they want though- Kill all interest in city government while they're still young! Let 'em know it's fixed and that they'll never win, then maybe they'll stop paying attention and we can get back to running the show our way.

Well, sorry but I won't. Luckily, I'm rebellious by nature so this only makes me want to pay closer attention, stay more involved, and work so much harder next time to make sure that at least some balance exists on the council.

Two good things did come from this election, though. First, I think the Bache-Wiig's might finally adopt me, and second, I got to meet Chuck Eismann last night.....he handed me a membership form, I signed it in blood, and then I only had to give him one of my children for his baby stew (which is good news because I'd heard the going rate is normally two- he must like me!)....
Mayor Destiny....has nice ring to it.
It's possible (maybe not probable) that Gary will be off the council by 2525...but who knows, he acts quite cyborgish from time to time so I wouldn't be surprised if he was still our, I mean Mayor.
This one's for you Rapist Glasses:

(One of my new sister's coined that term, and I think it's spot on)


  1. Starting now, candidates must be identified, backgrounds vetted (note: does not matter if they just blew into town, does not matter if one of their former wives worked at a strip club, does not matter if they misuse City programs for their own private gain, does not matter if they are over 80 yrs of age), and get them in the public eye.

    Are they active in a HOA? Great as long as it's on the correct side of Central.

  2. You thought Slagel was misusing City funds last time? You ain't seen NOTHING yet. I promise you the Richardson Coalition, emboldened by this election success, will continue to become more arrogant until finally - finally - the good people of Richardson will wake up and start paying attention to how things are run around here.

    It's such a shame. Mayor Mitchell finally had us back on the right track. Richardson politics hadn't been on T.V. for a scandal in a full two years.

    Richardson, wake up. Gary Slagel is going to drag your good name through the mud again and again over the next two years. Let's start the countdown until the next Slagel scandal hits the T.V. airwaves... ten, nine, eight, seven...

  3. Destiny, don't despair. The more I look at the vote totals, the better I feel. Just 220 more votes in Place 7... 420 in Place 5... and 200 more in Place 2 would have given the Virtuous Voters three wins (counting Mitchell) and a very winnable Place 2 runoff. Just 420 more votes out of a city of 100,000 is a drop in the bucket.

    Frankly, besides getting outspent by a great deal, the Mitchell team probably got outworked. We had some CANDIDATES that worked their butts off, but we needed more SUPPORTERS willing to get on the phones and walk their neighborhoods.

    And we need older candidates. In five of the seven races, the oldest candidate won. A coincidence? In a city with an average voter age of nearly 60?

    One younger candidate that won was Amir, and he did it by promising a tax freeze to senior citizens. It might very well bankrupt the city, but it sounded good for an election season.

  4. Destiny, keep your head up and keep the blog rolling along.

    There is going to be plenty to watch and discuss as the new council gets going. I look forward to reading the local Richardson blogs' take on the developments.

  5. Thanks Bloggermouse. In the beginning this was just going to be an election blog, but now I'm thinking I will keep it going.


  6. Please keep it going destiny.

  7. Destiny and all the rest be gentle this is my first time. To post on a blog. I have really enjoyed your blog. Keep it going.