Friday, May 29, 2009

Wish I could find this PP on someone does, let me know.

David Morgan presented a powerpoint last night that I thought made a great argument FOR the cameras. I was under the impression that having these cameras at intersections actually increased the number of rear end collisions (which I still believe are better than the T-bone accidents that normally occur when people run red lights) but according to David we've seen 34% fewer rear end accidents since the lights were installed.....rear end city council made up mostly of really old men....I know there is a joke in there somewhere...oh well.


  1. I've said elsewhere that Richardson ought to do a better job of publicizing such statistics. Your inability to find this presentation on is a good illustration of my point.

  2. That might actually mean clarity in politics.....
    we can't have that can we.

  3. According to Schnurr, if you email David ( he will e-mail you a copy.