Tuesday, June 30, 2009

For those of you that like me...yeah, both of you.

I'm starting another blog. I'll still keep this one going since the other's about nonsense, but C&P probably won't be all that good (what's new) especially since I'll be half@$$ing it now (;

Ok, so I'll preface my new blog by saying it's mainly for chicks, so just think of it as the anti-Richardson City Council.

Here's the address: PourMeAnotherSuburban.blogspot.com

I was asked to write a piece for a women's magazine based on some inebriated, impromptu stand-up I did about a particularly asphyxiating female undergarment, and figured that was as good a reason as any to start up a new blog. This way I'll be able to talk about things like Burger Island without having to find away to segue it into Richardson politics. (:

Oh, AND Abe and I have started our own company (not sure why the new blog took announcement precedence over that, but oh well).

It's called 3five6 (click on that, you'll win a free car) and it's good stuff.

Plus I'm still raising 3 kids, so I guess technically, I'll be quarter@$$ing Conserve and Protect.

August 10th 1999

I remember my 16th birthday like it was just yesterday.....my stepdad took me to the car dealership (for those of you from Plano, this is what girls in Allen get instead of breast augmentations for their sweet sixteen). I remember thinking I'd be lucky to even get power steering, seeing as automatic windows and locks were obviously out of the question. My stepdad was pretty cheap to say the least. So you can imagine my surprise when the salesman asked what amenities we wanted and he ordered the works. All the bells and whistles. He said in the long run it was just more economical.

Well last night Mr.Keffler did almost the exact same thing for Richardson's open government initiative. Not only will we get a camera in the council chambers, we'll actually get TWO in both the chamber and the work session rooms.

In all fairness though, when you had originally intended to spend $393 thousand dollars for the first year back in 2008, $55 thousand a year later seems like a steal.

Now I would like to mention that had that no good, carpet baggin', questionable ex-wife havin' Amir Omar not been present last night, I bet you we would only be getting a camera (maybe 2) in the chamber. He really made a great argument for getting the work sessions streamed too, stating that often times more residents show up for those, thus proving a good amount of citizen interest in them as well.

So anyway, thank you Mr.Keffler & Mr.Omar, and all of the rest of you (Steve fought for them too!)....looks like I'll actually be able to spend my 26th birthday away from city hall, but just know, you will all be on my browser.

Today's Blog...

Is Under Construction.

Please Check Back Soon!

Monday, June 29, 2009

"BallardDuck": I'm still waiting...

Perhaps you haven't checked back though, so in that case click here and scroll to the bottom.

I really am interested in hearing your argument.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Mommy, I have to go to a meeting tonight"

Me: Really?

Eiffel: Yes!

Me: What kind of meeting?

Eiffel: The city counting meeting.

Me: Ooooh really....what do you do at the city counting meeting?

Eiffel: Dance and play.

Me: Interesting. You know I have to go to one tomorrow too...


I wish.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Whining Blog

*This is all because I was not able to express enough of my inner-Brenda Walsh during my teen years*

Bill, I know you are not just going to let Gary throw YOU under the bus like this.....

"At a neighborhood association presidents meeting Gary Slagel said something like "Bill Keffler might not like this but..." and then he described how meetings could be put on the web. So there you have Slagel openly digging at Keffler. Where is that on everyone's whining blogs?"

{Right here.}

"People need to stop getting their panties in a wad. They haven't even had a budget cycle with the new council. No doubt you will see some kind webcasting after they are far enough down the road to know what the budget situation is."

{My panties are certainly none of your concern good sir or madame, and I can promise you the next meeting WILL be broadcast (in some form), whether Keffler likes it or not.}

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Join Tens of Thousands of Liberty-Loving Americans at Southfork Ranch on July 4th!



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Admission is FREE!

3:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m. at Southfork Ranch
3700 Hogge Rd., Parker TX 75002

Interested in supporting the Dallas Tea Party?

E-mail DallasTeaParty@Gmail.com to find out how!

Visit www.dallasteaparty.org for more information.

Pete Sessions...

I'm listening in on a 'Pete Sessions Town Hall' phone conference right now. Kind of weird. My phone rang about 20 minutes ago and an automated voice told me if I stayed on the line I'd be linked in. Anybody else get this call?

He refers to himself in 3rd person a lot (annoying). Like, here, I'll give you an example...

"Pete Sessions love him some half naked ladies, woo hoo!"

Of course he didn't say that....not on the phone conference anyway.

Monday, June 22, 2009

*UNOFFICIAL* Report from Tonight's City Council Meeting

(Thanks Gala, ha!)

So once again I snuck into the meeting late. I walked in just as Bill Denton was speaking (as a visitor) about Duck Creek not getting money that was rightfully alloted to them....he was just so......angry, and it was so......heated....so, so, so......passionate. Afterwards I could've really gone for a smoke, truth be told. And then low and behold, in the seat right in front of me was this little beauty:

Now I know there is a smoking ban in this town, er, council room...and a food and drink ban, and a screen touching ban...
so I guess I will just have to focus my energy into an e-mail writing campaign to my congressmen regarding the lack of gold plated sidewalks in duck creek.

After all, if anyone would understand the injustice of this, Pete Sessions would. (I heard he had to go to a strip club where women danced on SILVER PLATED polls just last week.....what's this country coming to?)

Moving along, during the visitors section there was a young man who addressed the council regarding sidewalks that were not up to ADA requirments along Plano Pkwy:

Really neat guy. After the meeting I had the chance to talk to he and his wife, and turns out, he's an IT guy, getting his masters in something super-IT-ish.

He asked my why on earth the city council didn't have their meetings available online or on cable access. I told him what they have told us and he said he could EASILY do something about this issue. I promised him we would then, in turn, throw him a parade. Anybody have some excess crape paper we could use?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just around the corner...

Click here for information on Richardson's 4th of July Celebration. Or if you're in the mood to hang-out with some serious 'partiers,' check out this event.

And for all of the rest of you who would just as soon stay home here's some light watching to help commemorate the decline of our great nation.


Like Christmas Lights Still Up In June.....

Luckily though, I love Burger Island AND Dennis Stewart so it put a smile of my face to see this:

Aside from here, where else have y'all seen signs still up? I know there's a Miller one prominently placed in a front yard along Beltline, and two Bache-Wiig signs off of North bound 75. Any over in East Richardson?

Oh, and by the way, I'd like to dedicate my appearance on the 2011 season of The Biggest Loser to "Linda Sue" for letting us know that there is a Burger Island less than a mile from our house. Who knew guacamole and mayonnaise could be so divine.....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Twitter Bug

As a semi-hip 25 year old (I like to think), who's somewhat technologically savvy I cannot for the life of me get the hang of this tweeting fad all the young'en's are talking about. From what I hear it's a great way to market businesses, and publicize blogs but the whole tinyurls deal just baffles me. I only even attempt to twitter out of fear of becoming my grandmother, who to this day acts as though NASA snuck into her house and replaced her remote control with a panel from the space shuttle. In all fairness though, she does have an iPhone that she uses quite comfortably. This shows me there's hope yet. If you want to learn something bad enough, you will. It's when you finally give up on those other technological enigmas that NASA has won.

So I encourage all of you to please contribute to this worldwide experiment in voyeurism and sign up, even if it's for no other reason than to make me feel like an even bigger-out of touch-underotweeter. Perhaps twaccountability is just the motivation I need.

And here's a list of instant friends for you to follow:

Ed Cognoski
Ian McCann
Chris Davis
Jennifer Justice
Dennis Stewart???
& Lil' ol' me

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

6 Hour Long Work Session?

I was so bummed that I wasn't able to make it last night. My day was running waaaaaay behind. But as it turns out I guess I did have time to eat, grab a shower, take a 3 hour nap and still make it to the meeting for the last half. Insane.

Where there any highlights that I missed?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

WARNING: NOT ABOUT RICHARDSON, avert your eyes if you must

Dallas Arts Festival=So Fun+Pretty Sweaty

There was free admission to The DMA, The Nasher Sculpture Center, and The Crow Asian Art Museum
(Rothko matched her dress)

Above The DMA, below The Nasher

Obscene...Eddie and I were trying to recreate this silhouette

Outside the streets where lined with art vendors and other wacky creations...Exhibit A:

The metal on this van had been baking in the sun all day, and I told my husband I was going to pick a fight with someone just so I could shove them into it. (not very Christian)

This whole car was covered with yarn...

Fun was had by all....

Sleep was had by some....

You may recognize this cowgirl since she's made a previous appearance on my blog...

Plus, they had really neat crafts for the kids! I would highly recommend going....next year of course, because you've already missed the boat for this year's hot, sweaty fun.

Twisted Root

Amir Omar mentioned during a council meeting that establishments like Twisted Root are exactly the kind of hip and innovative businesses Richardson needs. Abe and I went last night....I guess I just prefer old hole in the wall places as opposed to yuppie burger joints. It was ok, don't get me wrong, just not our scene. Here are some pics:

'Great' may be a bit of an overstatement

Abrahm and I trying to look "local"...

What other good places are there in Richardson? In the words of the DMNRichardson Blog, comments are on. (:

Monday, June 8, 2009

Honestly, I did not expect tonight's meeting to be all that interesting....

I was really just trying to get away from the diapers for a few hours....boy did that backfire. (ba da chhhhhhhh)

Gary was gone tonight for the general session, but oh, if only he could of heard some of the visitor comments...if only there were some sort of, I dunno, magical machine that could of jotted them all down and saved them in some kind of little box for future listening, he really would've gotten a kick out of 'em. But oh well, nothing like that exists or else our council would be foolish not to utilize such a thing.

Anyway, on to the meeting. Like I said I wasn't expecting much, I saw on the agenda that it was just about an antenna tower and a sign going up, but the latter item ended up dominating most of the meeting. A jewelry store in Richardson wants to put up a 15ft. high sign; it's burgundy with cursive writing in white and has a big diamond (does not rotate, but does light up at night) on top. Some might say this is a bit tacky. And to those people I would say, why yes Amir, I have to agree. Others might say, I could really use another sign myself outside of my insurance company and to them I would say, for serious, lay off ok, we get it, you sell insurance. And then there are those who might just like to make a motion, and half way through not even really. know. where. that. motion. has. gone. I loved Murph's use of the 'friendly amendment' to direct the motion back on track there after Ole' Macy misplaced it with his Rolaids.

In the end, I'm glad to be back home...in my shoe...if that says anything about how interesting the meeting was.
Oh, and for the record, Mitch did a great job of mayoral-izing this evening. Very mayoral. Heck, mayorific if I do say so myself!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's 5 o'clock somewhere...

For the next 7 days, Abrahm and I have agreed to watch our friend's four little kiddos while they're on vacation in Mexico. Wow, we sure are great people.

That being said, I don't know how frequently I will be able to post on here.

We will have their 2 infants, 1 toddler, and a 6 year-old, in addition to our own infant, toddler, and 8 year-old which adds up to, let's see....3 + 2 + 2 x 7...carry the one...ummmm, at least 3 bottles of wine over the next week in order to keep my sanity in tact.

*Now for the disclaimer*

Being that I will have to multitask during the children's sleeping hours, odds are you will likely get two-drink Destiny's thoughts an opinions if you get anything at all. Now, I personally think those gems are some of my best work, but they are probably more commonly perceived as simply obnoxious by the general public. (Just ask Murph, he got to meet her once at his victory party. What a good sport he was. He still introduced me to Eismann, and even made a contribution to the three-drink Destiny efforts.)

Anyway, my blog may go a little something like this for the next week...buffalo wing and all...so you've been warned:
(So funny-try to ignore the weird pop-ups...it was the only version I could find.)

Seven kids, seriously, what was I thinking? It's like a scared straight program for pro-lifers. Even I know my maternal limitations....

So Sorry I Missed It...

If you were there, let us now how it went in the comments.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

He'll Be The One Hit...

I have to share something with you all that I know Steve is just going to kill me for telling, but oh well. We had a talk in which he let a very incriminating tid-bits slip and I really think the citizens of Richardson have a right to know about it...Steve Mitchell is not just a Leslie Gore fan, he's actually a HUGE Leslie Gore fan. I didn't even realize he was that old, but dang, that's pretty lame. As a matter of fact the only thing lamer that I know of involving a city council candidate coupled with incriminating material is my friend Tom's cheesy youtube videos.

So to do my civic duty, and as the chair of the 'Keep Richardson Hip' commission (which yes, I did just invent...we're a very elite group) I am dedicating this song to Mr.Mitch in hopes that it will increase his hip factor:

Not to mention the lyrics are kind of right on too....much better than anything Gloria Gaynor ever wrote.

Monday, June 1, 2009

In the year 20(11).........

{My prediction} Amir Omar will become the mayor of Richardson.

Let me explain...
He did an amazing job tonight at the goal setting meeting, and honestly seemed the most mayoral, in my opinion, out of the whole bunch. He was able to convince the council to add technology, city PR, and auditing initiatives to the 2009-2010 resolutions. He also did a great job of explaining the potential benefits of each idea while also subtly bringing up many (already forgotten) campaign promises that need implementation. He was by far the most active contributor, and had fresh, innovative suggestions...unlike Macy and Solomon, who I just don't even get. Bob is, seriously, one more obvious statement away from being promoted to captain, and Mark actually found a way to bring up insurance sales AGAIN out of the blue! (surprised, I imagine not)

But I digress. Another big shocker of the night, to me at least, is I think...I might actually...dislike Slagel...an iota less today than I did yesterday. *public outrage* I know, I must admit I do agree with his silly, little goal setting system. He made a good argument for it tonight as well, stating that it "helps guild us when we make decisions." Always good to have standards to live by, I suppose.

Let's see, other highlights...

Oh, the whole group got off track for a good 20 minutes at one point, when the council began brainstorming how they could securely designate retail space. I took that time to check out my neighbor's stock portfolio on his Blackberry (over his shoulder of course, what do you think I am, rude?), thankfully he switched to yahoo news before I fell asleep.

Shortly after that I ducked out early...for all I know they're still there making magic.

Anyway, to keep the theme of disjointed non-sequiturs rolling...and for any of you other old school Conan fans, I hand picked a few of my favorite predictions, all the way into the Year 2000.............

For the first time in our nation's history African-Americans will ask to be called just 'Africans' in an effort to completely distance themselves from the show 'American Idol'.

The WB will air a hip hop version of the Bachelorette; it will be called, 'The Beotchelorette'.

Coffee producers will no longer advertise that their coffee beans are hand-picked by Juan Valdez when it's discovered that Juan also hand-picks his recurring cold sore.

Gay men will not be allowed to marry each other, but will still be welcome to marry Liza Minelli.

Millions of beepers will go out of service when a satellite brakes down. All across the nation this will raise havoc for doctors, especially the ones that sell crack.

Ah, Goal Setting....

Slagel's back in full force.

I've heard of this long standing tradition, and how "off track everyone gets without it." So, I think I will attend.

See you there!