Tuesday, June 30, 2009

August 10th 1999

I remember my 16th birthday like it was just yesterday.....my stepdad took me to the car dealership (for those of you from Plano, this is what girls in Allen get instead of breast augmentations for their sweet sixteen). I remember thinking I'd be lucky to even get power steering, seeing as automatic windows and locks were obviously out of the question. My stepdad was pretty cheap to say the least. So you can imagine my surprise when the salesman asked what amenities we wanted and he ordered the works. All the bells and whistles. He said in the long run it was just more economical.

Well last night Mr.Keffler did almost the exact same thing for Richardson's open government initiative. Not only will we get a camera in the council chambers, we'll actually get TWO in both the chamber and the work session rooms.

In all fairness though, when you had originally intended to spend $393 thousand dollars for the first year back in 2008, $55 thousand a year later seems like a steal.

Now I would like to mention that had that no good, carpet baggin', questionable ex-wife havin' Amir Omar not been present last night, I bet you we would only be getting a camera (maybe 2) in the chamber. He really made a great argument for getting the work sessions streamed too, stating that often times more residents show up for those, thus proving a good amount of citizen interest in them as well.

So anyway, thank you Mr.Keffler & Mr.Omar, and all of the rest of you (Steve fought for them too!)....looks like I'll actually be able to spend my 26th birthday away from city hall, but just know, you will all be on my browser.


  1. For my 16th birthday my dad took me to a car dealership and bought bought a brand new RX7 convertable...

    ... which he promptly kept for himself after tossing me the keys to his old beat up VW Sirocco.

  2. Actually I'm happy the price of the streaming is so much less than they thought it would be. I think at least one of the council members was more interested in the idea of being able to offer streaming as an extra amenity to people who the Richardson room than streaming the work sessions from in there.

  3. Hahaha, but he gets points for not suggesting we rent the room out for an insurance conference.