Tuesday, June 2, 2009

He'll Be The One Hit...

I have to share something with you all that I know Steve is just going to kill me for telling, but oh well. We had a talk in which he let a very incriminating tid-bits slip and I really think the citizens of Richardson have a right to know about it...Steve Mitchell is not just a Leslie Gore fan, he's actually a HUGE Leslie Gore fan. I didn't even realize he was that old, but dang, that's pretty lame. As a matter of fact the only thing lamer that I know of involving a city council candidate coupled with incriminating material is my friend Tom's cheesy youtube videos.

So to do my civic duty, and as the chair of the 'Keep Richardson Hip' commission (which yes, I did just invent...we're a very elite group) I am dedicating this song to Mr.Mitch in hopes that it will increase his hip factor:

Not to mention the lyrics are kind of right on too....much better than anything Gloria Gaynor ever wrote.

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