Monday, June 8, 2009

Honestly, I did not expect tonight's meeting to be all that interesting....

I was really just trying to get away from the diapers for a few hours....boy did that backfire. (ba da chhhhhhhh)

Gary was gone tonight for the general session, but oh, if only he could of heard some of the visitor comments...if only there were some sort of, I dunno, magical machine that could of jotted them all down and saved them in some kind of little box for future listening, he really would've gotten a kick out of 'em. But oh well, nothing like that exists or else our council would be foolish not to utilize such a thing.

Anyway, on to the meeting. Like I said I wasn't expecting much, I saw on the agenda that it was just about an antenna tower and a sign going up, but the latter item ended up dominating most of the meeting. A jewelry store in Richardson wants to put up a 15ft. high sign; it's burgundy with cursive writing in white and has a big diamond (does not rotate, but does light up at night) on top. Some might say this is a bit tacky. And to those people I would say, why yes Amir, I have to agree. Others might say, I could really use another sign myself outside of my insurance company and to them I would say, for serious, lay off ok, we get it, you sell insurance. And then there are those who might just like to make a motion, and half way through not even really. know. where. that. motion. has. gone. I loved Murph's use of the 'friendly amendment' to direct the motion back on track there after Ole' Macy misplaced it with his Rolaids.

In the end, I'm glad to be back my shoe...if that says anything about how interesting the meeting was.
Oh, and for the record, Mitch did a great job of mayoral-izing this evening. Very mayoral. Heck, mayorific if I do say so myself!


  1. Was it my imagination or was Mr. Townsend ignoring Mr. Omar tonight? The poor guy kept trying to say something and Townsend kept looking the other way and not acknowledging him. Omar was more impressive tonight. He did good research on the sign thing (some of it right there in the council chambers on his mini-palmtop computer thing) and made some good points.

    They do record the sessions. Townsend told me that last week. That's how they get the minutes. Of course I don't expect Slagel to listen to them (he had a plane to catch and left halfway through the work session BTW) but he might read the statement Marty from Owen's Park read out.

  2. Sherri, I agree. Amir's use of TECHNOLOGY (oh the horror!) was very impressive and certainly a move in the right direction. Hopefully, before too long the others will realize the benefits the 21st century has to offer as well.

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  4. Ok - girls let's not get too charmed with Mr. Omar. I had to leave a little early last night, but I recall that all he did was use "google Earth" to see the sign across street from the proposed one. Not to sound like a wet blanket, but I'm not sure how that is really very impressive "technology". You could argue that had he been familiar with the location or the city for that matter - which the other council members were - his "technological wonder" wouldn't have been needed! Remember, this guy has lived in Richardson for some say is less than a year (who knows, right?). Also, was I the only one who thought that Mr. Macy looked dazed and a bit disoriented? P.S. Sorry for the deletion above - hit the wrong button!