Monday, June 1, 2009

In the year 20(11).........

{My prediction} Amir Omar will become the mayor of Richardson.

Let me explain...
He did an amazing job tonight at the goal setting meeting, and honestly seemed the most mayoral, in my opinion, out of the whole bunch. He was able to convince the council to add technology, city PR, and auditing initiatives to the 2009-2010 resolutions. He also did a great job of explaining the potential benefits of each idea while also subtly bringing up many (already forgotten) campaign promises that need implementation. He was by far the most active contributor, and had fresh, innovative suggestions...unlike Macy and Solomon, who I just don't even get. Bob is, seriously, one more obvious statement away from being promoted to captain, and Mark actually found a way to bring up insurance sales AGAIN out of the blue! (surprised, I imagine not)

But I digress. Another big shocker of the night, to me at least, is I think...I might actually...dislike iota less today than I did yesterday. *public outrage* I know, I must admit I do agree with his silly, little goal setting system. He made a good argument for it tonight as well, stating that it "helps guild us when we make decisions." Always good to have standards to live by, I suppose.

Let's see, other highlights...

Oh, the whole group got off track for a good 20 minutes at one point, when the council began brainstorming how they could securely designate retail space. I took that time to check out my neighbor's stock portfolio on his Blackberry (over his shoulder of course, what do you think I am, rude?), thankfully he switched to yahoo news before I fell asleep.

Shortly after that I ducked out early...for all I know they're still there making magic.

Anyway, to keep the theme of disjointed non-sequiturs rolling...and for any of you other old school Conan fans, I hand picked a few of my favorite predictions, all the way into the Year 2000.............

For the first time in our nation's history African-Americans will ask to be called just 'Africans' in an effort to completely distance themselves from the show 'American Idol'.

The WB will air a hip hop version of the Bachelorette; it will be called, 'The Beotchelorette'.

Coffee producers will no longer advertise that their coffee beans are hand-picked by Juan Valdez when it's discovered that Juan also hand-picks his recurring cold sore.

Gay men will not be allowed to marry each other, but will still be welcome to marry Liza Minelli.

Millions of beepers will go out of service when a satellite brakes down. All across the nation this will raise havoc for doctors, especially the ones that sell crack.


  1. Just think, I could sit home and veg last night... and still get the gist of the City Council meeting. This is almost as good as "open and transparent government" that all seven Council candidates advocated during the campaign.

    I keep surfing through my Time-Warner channels and STILL can't find last night's meeting. It must be here somewhere..............

  2. Since you ducked out early you missed Amir's naive concepts on how to provide this open government we all want. He spoke of rushing headlong into spending money on new software for open checkbook without even asking what the software we had would do. He spoke of straming all meetings on the web without accounting for the cost (which would be huge, the last study pegged streaming and cable broadcasts at $270 thousand a year). He wanted to put the city council's info packet on the web at the same time that the council gets it. Not only would this lead to people lobbying the council on things the council men haven't read yet, but those packets contain imcomplete plans and people would start taking this info as done deals instead of work in progress.
    I'd prefer they post the minutes of all the meetings online in an easily accesible place. That way they're accessible to the minority of people who want to find out what happened, but the effort doesn't cost the city a fortune. Pluse, reading minutes is a heck of a lot faster than watching the entire meeting. I think the council think's those minutes are already out there, but if they are, I can't find them.

  3. If bandwidth is a problem, then stream audio instead. If bandwidth is a severe problem, then torrent it and let the citizens effectively donate bandwidth.

    There are free or nearly free ways of publishing data. And things that are not final can be marked "draft".

    If lobbying is a problem then control the lobbying and not the free flow of information.

  4. What good ideas.....might I suggest you fill out a visitors card at the next meeting? (: