Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pete Sessions...

I'm listening in on a 'Pete Sessions Town Hall' phone conference right now. Kind of weird. My phone rang about 20 minutes ago and an automated voice told me if I stayed on the line I'd be linked in. Anybody else get this call?

He refers to himself in 3rd person a lot (annoying). Like, here, I'll give you an example...

"Pete Sessions love him some half naked ladies, woo hoo!"

Of course he didn't say that....not on the phone conference anyway.


  1. I got the phone call too, but hung up. I didn't want to hear what ol' Pete had to say....

  2. Did you two receive this call on a cell phone or land line?

  3. I got the phone call, too. It was almost like being in Vegas.

  4. This reminds me: the matriarchs on the maternal side of my family refer to themselves in the royal third, which is especially annoying:

    Mother says: "Can you hand that to Your Mother?"
    Grandmother says: "Your Grandmother would like some of that tea."