Sunday, June 14, 2009

Twisted Root

Amir Omar mentioned during a council meeting that establishments like Twisted Root are exactly the kind of hip and innovative businesses Richardson needs. Abe and I went last night....I guess I just prefer old hole in the wall places as opposed to yuppie burger joints. It was ok, don't get me wrong, just not our scene. Here are some pics:

'Great' may be a bit of an overstatement

Abrahm and I trying to look "local"...

What other good places are there in Richardson? In the words of the DMNRichardson Blog, comments are on. (:


  1. We like Burger Island on Arapaho & Custer. Good food at good prices.

  2. Has anyone tried Russo's Italian Grill & Oven in Eastside Village?

  3. Abrahm raves about Burger Island out in Irving, glad to know there's one closer by.

    He actually made the comment while at Twisted Root that 'It's no Burger Island.'

  4. The Root is massively overhyped. It might be "exactly what Richardson needs" from an economic standpoint, but not from a "enjoy eating at a restaurant" standpoint.

    Yelp is a fantastic source of restaurant reviews for any given town:

  5. The wife and I went for the Neopolitan pizza at Russo's about two weeks ago. Although it was admittedly not as crispy as I desired, I still enjoyed it and will go back. In the pizza realm I also like Venezia next to the skanky Buckingham Kroger.

    Other favorites are: Amigo's Comida Casera, Casa Milagro, Taqueria El Fuego, Masala Wok (big favorite), Kebab-N-Curry, and Ajisen.