Monday, June 22, 2009

*UNOFFICIAL* Report from Tonight's City Council Meeting

(Thanks Gala, ha!)

So once again I snuck into the meeting late. I walked in just as Bill Denton was speaking (as a visitor) about Duck Creek not getting money that was rightfully alloted to them....he was just so......angry, and it was, so, so......passionate. Afterwards I could've really gone for a smoke, truth be told. And then low and behold, in the seat right in front of me was this little beauty:

Now I know there is a smoking ban in this town, er, council room...and a food and drink ban, and a screen touching ban...
so I guess I will just have to focus my energy into an e-mail writing campaign to my congressmen regarding the lack of gold plated sidewalks in duck creek.

After all, if anyone would understand the injustice of this, Pete Sessions would. (I heard he had to go to a strip club where women danced on SILVER PLATED polls just last week.....what's this country coming to?)

Moving along, during the visitors section there was a young man who addressed the council regarding sidewalks that were not up to ADA requirments along Plano Pkwy:

Really neat guy. After the meeting I had the chance to talk to he and his wife, and turns out, he's an IT guy, getting his masters in something super-IT-ish.

He asked my why on earth the city council didn't have their meetings available online or on cable access. I told him what they have told us and he said he could EASILY do something about this issue. I promised him we would then, in turn, throw him a parade. Anybody have some excess crape paper we could use?


  1. The idea that they can't afford to record City Council meetings is such BS. What's stopping them from filming the proceedings and uploading them to YouTube or any other FREE video site?

  2. The technical aspect is nearly-trivial, although COR seems to enjoy using the most convoluted, proprietary, Micro$oft "technology" whenever possible.

    At some point we are just going to have to bring in our own audio/video recorders and start posting the results. Podcast for audio and youtube for video, as rye points out. Maybe that will shame the city into action.


  3. Or relieve the City of the expense. I overheard a few people tell those Duck Creekers a couple of times "Hey, we didn't get revit. money from the City so we just went ahead and built the features ourselves..."

    That from someone who was sitting at the big desk in the front and from someone else, an attendee at the meeting.

    How DARE those Duck Creekers ask for the money that the City told them was going their direction?

  4. Yes how DARE we Duck Creekers even say one word. You must be related to Monica Macey Weinman and Bob Macey if you believe that. Monica Macey Weinman suggested ahead of time to us on the Duck Creek Board after conferring with her daddy Council Bob Macey and Council Omir of course who she treasurers for telling us we should be happy and go along with all the fine "sturdy councilman" her words who were elected to lead us. She said that we should be happy to have a rec center at all if she were us and she was so very happy. Her daddy Bob Macey forgot their talking points in less than one minute.

    The Monday meeting showed just how kooky things have become under the slagle-eiseman-keffer rule. It was like Macey wanted to tear down new good buildings like the rec center his daughter just bragged about. Macey was incoherent most of the time same as the last meeting. He blurted out he was not a tree hugger and wanted modern building ideas out of the picture. Everyone looked embarrased by him. Omir went on about freezing senior taxes. No one but Macey agreed with him. I am old and it is wrong for me to agree for young people to pay for eerything. Towsend is getting to be like Macey mentally. They don’t need to be in charge of our city. I cannot tell you how ridulous it is to have these senile seat warmers, apartment renters like Omir who do not pay property taxes and business climbers with their good old HOV incubator hanger oners.

  5. If I were related to ol' Bob I'm pretty sure he would've cut me out of the will by now...obviously you are new to my blog. I won't hold that against you.

    You should know 'BallardDuck,' I have an uncanny ability to admit when I'm wrong without even making it look bad. Seriously, I take pride in it. That being said - prove me wrong. Perhaps I walked in too late on Bill's passionate plea (and btw, I am a fan of his...usually).

    So come on, here's your chance, prove me wrong. I'll give you more than one word. And heck, if it's compelling enough I'll even post it as a blog, byline and all.

  6. Bob Macy and Amir "carpetbagger" Omar are jokes - just Slagel/Eisemann puppets - along with Mark "can I sell you some insurance?" Solomon and Bob "bird flipper" Townsend. Seems like every worksession/council meeting just gets weirder and weirder. Along with John Murphy, these are always going to be guaranteed Slagel votes. They are just vocalizing exactly the Slagel line - which is that all funding is to be for the west (or northwest, to be exact) side of the town going forward.

    What's with Monica MACY Weinman and the "sturdy" councilMAN bit? Sturdy, hah! Our "new" council is old, I mean really OLD. I am no spring chicken, but, OMG, having 5 over the age of 65 with two over 80! Monica seems always forget to disclose the fact the fact that she was the treasurer for both her daddy's - Bob Macy - and Amir Omar's campaigns. So much for attracting young professionals and families with children.

    And, then you have "charming (as a snake)" Amir Omar. He's scary in so many ways (including his personal life so I hear). To fulfill his smear campaign of Dennis Stewart, he is h*ll-bent on getting that senior tax freeze, regardless if it saddles those under 65 with a huge tax burden for years to come. Thankfully, former-mayor Mitchell wasn't afraid to stand up to Omar's insane idea. My only hope that Omar will use this as a stepping stone out of her - the sooner the better - or that Dennis will come back in two years.