Thursday, July 30, 2009

I got to see one of Richardson's most out spoken and utterly fabulous residents tonight!

If you all don't know Gala, you're missing out. She's bouncing back from knee surgery right now, and should be back to the meetings soon, so make sure to go up and introduce yourself next time if you don't already know her!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I doubt there will be Strippers, but you should come anyway.

Town Hall Meeting with
Congressman Pete Sessions,Wed, Aug. 5th
7-8:30 PM
at the Richardson Civic Center, 411 W. Arapaho Rd.

Now is our chance to ask Cong. Sessions about the economy, or healthcare and maybe this and because he just doesn't get it, this also.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Would somebody please fix this poor man's chair?!?!?

To Marky Mark.......

Aside from Nathan Morgan bringing up the Charter Conflict, did anybody else catch anything good during the work session/council meeting?

(I'll be honest, I don't even know if anything I've written so far has made any sense because my son is watching this in another browser on the screen and I think my brain has been jostled loose by this kids voice....soooooooooooo, when does school start back again?)

Monday, July 27, 2009

To Members of the Richardson City Council...

(from David Chenoweth)

This past week I attended as much of the budget review as possible. For the most part, it appeared to be good public service work by the City Council and the City Staff. The pressure to match revenues with expenditures was probably enormous considering the projections of lower revenues.

No doubt, Richardson is the best place to live in the area. When discussing local politics with customers a common question I ask is "Given a choice, would you rather live in Garland or Richardson, or for another comparison, Plano or Richardson?” No one has ever responded that they preferred either Plano or Garland to Richardson. This would indicate to me that Richardson does many things correctly. You will probably agree.

Everything done appeared to be good until the last topic of the last evening, late into the night. After 10:00 pm, when almost everyone had already gone home, the "City of Richardson Storm Water Utility" presentation was given. One of the main points of this presentation noted that approximately $1 million in the General Fund would be up for grabs for other items. The "grab" for these funds were made by Mayor Slagel before this presentation was even concluded.

Though shocked at the time, in reflection these actions were not surprising considering Mayor Slagel's reputation, his past, and the ever present dark cloud hanging over his head concerning conflicts of interest. What was surprising was that almost everyone on the City Council appeared to agree that it was a good idea for this money to be allocated to Mayor Slagel's developer buddies. As I remember, Bob Macy said he had no opinion and didn't really know that much about those things and would defer to the Mayor Slagel's desires. Steve Mitchell's response seemed to indicate that if this money was used for the purposes Mayor Slagel proposed, there should be strong and thorough oversight.

It is hard to remember every word spoken, but I believe that is a very fair representation of what occurred during the three nights of the budget discussions.

Common sense would indicate to me that false pretense reined over these three days of budget discussions. I lay the blame for those false pretenses directly on the City Manager Bill Keffler, and Mayor Slagel.

In review, the City Council and the city staff are gathered to discuss a budget where there is an expected budget short fall. The purpose of the budget meetings is to close that expected budget short fall by means of spending three days discussing freezes, cuts and fee increases. In order to effectively and properly conduct these discussions, the "City of Richardson Storm Water Utility" expense should have been the very first thing to follow "We need to look for ways to bridge the budget short fall".

The false impressions created by the apparent collusion of the City Manager and the Mayor increased the intensity and urgency to increase fees, make other cuts and freezes in order to bridge the gap between revenues and expenses. Reserving this presentation for last, rather that putting it forward at the start of the budget process is dishonest and dishonorable behavior.

Believing this chain of events to be just happenstance is made more difficult by Mayor Slagel's speedy "grab" for the money before the discussion on the "City of Richardson Storm Water Utility" was completed.

We appear to be back to "business as usual" with Mayor Slagel and City Manager Bill Keffler saving the "best for last,” that being the General Fund's $1 million that could now be used for "treats for developers" (land swaps, infrastructure and roads built for private developments at city expense, extra incentives for established developments when Slagel's large campaign signs are hanging all around the leasing office of the developer and campaign committee member...II Creeks comes to mind). The rest of you on the City Council and City Staff certainly know your places and played along as expected.

Is it any wonder that people are so scornful of some City Council actions and contemptuous of some members?

Should any of you feel the need to defend Mayor Slagel's behavior in this instance, it is my feeling that you would risk earning the same contempt Mayor Slagel has already earned for himself.

Thank you,

David Chenoweth

Saturday, July 25, 2009

To Mr.Mitch From Abrahm....

because he thinks you look like Glenn Frey:


Weren't you at the coffee I had for Jimmy?

I thought I knew who you were, but then someone told me you weren't who you were, or at least who I thought you were. Are you? When you were where you were, what were you wearing? Because I think I remember. :)

(just kidding, I don't really need to know what you were wearing, this isn't that type of website....I was just trying to make my own tongue twister.)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tonight's Meeting

Abe got in a minor accident today so I won't be at the work session tonight. Text or e-mail me if anything interesting happens though!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is...

Eisemann's Alleged Role of Richardson Political Puppeteer Causes Business to Bale From the Chamber! How Many More to Follow?!"

Below is an e-mail exchange between the Richardson Chamber of Commerce and a local business owner. Imagine if a few more business owners were to follow suit, based on Eismann's dealings in our local elections and the role he plays within the chamber, I bet people would start paying attention.

----- Original Message -----

I see from our system that you have chosen to not renew you membership dues with the Richardson Chamber of Commerce this year. If you wouldn't mind taking a few minutes and letting me know what was missing from your experience with the Richardson Chamber so that we might be able to make some changes for the future or let you know about programs we already offer to help your business. What we want most is to help our members grow their businesses through support, networking and information from our various events and if your feedback can help us improve upon these then we would love to hear from you.

Thank you for your time!

Member Services Manager

(Member Services Manager),

The reason is Chuck Eisemann, the Richardson Coalition and the propaganda they produce.


I appreciate your feedback, however, could you explain why this affected your company being a part of the Richardson Chamber? Chuck Eisemann and the Richardson Coalition and their politics did not have any connection with the Richardson Chamber of Commerce. Chuck Eisemann is an active member of the Chamber but his political views are separate from his activities in the Chamber.

The Chamber is here to help grow your business and we do not participate in any type of politics and we would like to continue to serve and help grow your company. Please help me understand your perspective.

Thank you!
(Member Services Manager),

I will be glad to explain. It is personal for me. Chuck Eisemann is more than an "active member" of the Richardson Chamber. He is currently on the Board of Directors. My dislike of Chuck Eisemann and the Richardson Coalition center on their views and actions. While Chuck Eisemann and the Richardson Coalition have rights to their views and freedom to express those views, I disagree with those views. My view of their collusive actions are another point of contention.

More specifically though, Dave Peters, Martha Ritter, Chuck Eisemann, Ken Bell and others are part of the same group. I have taken their surveys, read their newsletters and website, and saw their Voters Guide for the most recent election. Their newsletters are one sided and biased. Their scheming surveys are designed to get a specific response to support their own views. They then represent their surveys as the views of the majority of Richardson residents, which is dishonest. Their connived Voters Guide was the worst. Any intelligent and informed person should be disgusted with that group and their actions.

I will not voluntarily associate myself with any group they are involved with. Chuck's is involvement with the Richardson Chamber precludes my involvement. In my view, as a result of their actions, dishonesty and propaganda, Chuck and his little band of friends are characters I feel a need to be distanced from. Since he is on the Board of Directors, the Richardson Chamber is a place to be distanced from as well.

Hopefully, this answers your questions. If not, feel free to call or email.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who even knew they did this?

I got to be the white trash of my neighborhood yesterday!

A friend of mine locked her keys in her running car-in front of my house-in the middle of the street. She called the fire department and, no kidding, they were here in less than 2 minutes. (It helps that I live right down the street from Fire Station II)

Everybody came out to watch. It was grand! (a bit anti-climactic, but grand all the same)

I love our fire fighters!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Dear Gary Slagel, *boo, hiss*

You should have never put yourself in this position in the first place, but kay sera sera; you stepped down, and thank you.

I truly hope, in this idealist heart of mine (because I'm not a real journalist) that you WANTED to put Richardson first, and if there is some little turd blossom (*endearing*-what I call my bff, btw) of truth to that, I hope it would prevail. (why do I feel like I'm casting out demons?)

I have not completely written you off, ole' rapist glasses, it's just that I am very, increasingly, horrifically, disappointed by the choices you choose to eye wear and beyond.

Either way, this started off as a thank you note and I will end it with that.

Thank you Steve for taking back the DRMC even though it is sloppy seconds (or even fifths, really) now.

Mark Slomon is no longer a sucker....

rather a quite dapper seersucker.

I like it Mark. I LIKE IT!...heck, I'd buy insurance from you.

Now on to more pressing business...had Mr.Solomon not stolen the headline tonight you would have Bobby T. It would've read:

Mr.Townsend, As Much As I Love Having An Inside Joke With You, And Oh Do I Ever....

Jimmy Shnurr said it is flat out inappropriate for you to knock into me and say 'Be careful, I have candy!"

(on a side note, Jimmy has been demeritted for not following my blog and getting that reference, just FYI)

Ian has the actual "news"....over to you Ian.

Gary Opted Out?

Macy got DRMC. (according to Mr.Omar)

BUT WAIT! The plot thickens....Amir might have double crossed me...someone else just texted to say Steve got it back.

Hmmm....I'm confused, better check it out for myself. (Either way Gary gave it up like it was prom night)

See you at the council meeting in 20!

*Correction: Turns out Amir thinks he's funny. Who knew. haha.

Monday, Monday, Monday!

Hope to see you all there...

...this picture has nothing to do with anything, it just makes me laugh every time I see it over on the DMN Richardson blog.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Are You Guys All Talk?

Or are some of you actually going to show up Monday night and voice your opinions?

We in America do not have government by the majority, but by the majority who participate.-Thomas Jefferson

So who's going to participate?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Do We Still Dig Bache-Wiig, or Has the Tom Tom Lost His Way?

Based on the e-mail below, I must say, I think he's right on track.

An excerpt from some light reading I am currently doing...

{An e-mail to Gary Slagel from Tom Bache-Wiig...with love, I'm sure}

"...Also, regarding your comment to me in the email below, about me being a good guy, Gary. I am who I seem to be, which, by the way, is far from perfect. I like you as a person, Gary, but there is too much baggage in your political past. I, and others who question your motives, am not responsible for creating this pall of doubt you've cast upon yourself. Your decisions and improprieties of the past beg the kind of softball questions I asked below, and they will continue. We all make mistakes, Gary, I know that. But your batting-average of not being cast in the brightest light over the past several years stretches the limits of imagination in believing that you are just a victim of circumstance.

Back to the present day: last Monday's (7/6/09) successful move to put yourself back on the Mobility Coalition is emblematic of one of several things: a man who has no sense of what looks bad; a man with no core sense for the appearance of impropriety; a man who doesn't care about an appearance of impropriety; a man who lacks the ability to see that a move or decision has an appearance of impropriety, or a man who stands to gain in ways other than virtuous civic duty, by taking the position back that he was forced to resign under pressure just three years ago - for an appearance of impropriety. Any one of these, in and of themselves, is disconcerting. I don't see an up side here.

Please don't tell me this is a position held only by Mayors of municipalities - that would not be the case in the Mobility Coalition's current make up. And please don't recite the events of last Monday night, as though they were just a happy happenstance - that Steve simply acquiesced and ceded the position to you, with no objections from anyone else on the council. I am not interested in being played and insulted with a "Who, me?!" response. I know how this works. No one there is going to object to anything you do. It's not exactly a new scenario, Gary. It's a pretty threadbare ol' chestnut in bad, local politics.

In addition, you've seen to it that Steve was stripped from the herd - off to the side. You marginalized him when just six of you, alone in a room, apart from any other voters who'd just put him back on the council, unseated a very popular Mayor, who had just run unopposed, and received the approbation of the City in the election. Was it a coincidence all six of you happened to feel the same about Steve as Mayor, when the voters of Richardson had indicated otherwise? Of course not. That literal "back room" deal, even as much as the law and Charter allowed you to do it, was the checkmate to a two year long political chess game. That's a kind analogy.

Back to last Monday's move: not one of the other five councilmen are ever going to side with Steve. He's at least still in a game which many would've given up by now. And in last Monday night's bad move, I'm convinced a few of them didn't even know what was going on when it happened, which is bad enough in itself.

So I don't disappoint you again, I will tell you in advance that I am not keeping my thoughts on these matters to myself. I am sure they will get around, back to you. But I share them now with you, directly.

You want "very disappointing?" Read the record of your stunt on Monday night.



Tom "

Shoooooooooooooo, this is some Maury caliber drama, fo real.

Well good for you Tom. Your stance on Red light cameras may still be totally wack but you are definitely shooting straight on this issue, and I dig it!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Submitted by Someone in the Audience at Last Night's Meeting

Three years ago, in the summer of 2006, our former and current mayor, Gary Slagel, was forced to resign from the Dallas Regional Mobility Coalition (DRMC) due to allegations of conflicts of interest. At the time, Slagel was simultaneously advocating for the North Texas Tollway Authority while holding a lucrative contract with the entity. Under mounting pressure from both the community and DRMC members, Slagel defiantly resigned his position after several Channel 11 television investigative reports where done showing Slagel's alleged ethical impropriety.

At the same city council work session where Slagel resigned from the DRMC, he also indicated that he would move his company, CapitalSoft, out of a city owned building after allegations were made - again, through television investigative reports - about the impropriety of him officing in a city-owned building. While the evidence appeared to contradict this, Slagel steadfastly claimed that he was guilty of nothing on both accounts. Apparently, others thought differently. Eleven months later, in the spring of 2007, the new city council, viewing these as severe ethical lapses, voted to replace Gary Slagel as mayor with Steve Mitchell. Slagel, then served indistinguishingly as a council member for the next two years, quietly, behind the scenes, undermining Mayor Mitchell at every turn - in fact, some called Slagel the "shadow mayor".

Fast forward to the spring of 2009. After Gary Slagel, Chuck Eisemann, and the Richardson Coalition spend over $70,000 to overturn the council, Slagel is re-elected as mayor by yet another new city council. Feeling quite emboldened, he begins to calculatingly take the additional steps needed to reclaim the spot that he begrudgingly gave up three years earlier. During the discussion on council committee reassignments last night, Slagel made his move. Citing that he "took a two year break", Slagel indicated his intentions to oust former mayor Steve Mitchell from the DRMC position. Mitchell stated that he had an interest in retaining the position and countered by stating that "it wasn't a two year break, it was three years - and it wasn't a break - it was caused by your resignation due to allegations of conflicts of interest". Slagel didn't like this comment at all. He stammered that his "resignation and issues were overblown", that the current co-chair "owns an engineering business", and that he saw no issue with him returning, even if he still has an NTTA contract. What followed was totally bizarre, a sort of "Stepford" wife thing: not a single councilman spoke up to show their displeasure about Slagel's intentions to return, leaving Mitchell as the only one to speak out against Slagel on the issue. With no support and other councilman looking up, down, around, and remaining silent, Mitchell finally - and reluctantly - conceded the position to Slagel.

If Gary Slagel resigned three years ago due to these issues, then why should he be allowed to return to the DRMC now? Hasn't Richardson gotten enough negative publicity due to Slagel? Why didn't any of the other five councilmen (Murphy, Townsend, Omar, and Solomon) not say one word in support of Mitchell's comments? They all know the story. So much for a code of ethics or ethical conduct. It is bad enough for Slagel to have been re-elected as mayor, but to betray public trust AGAIN by putting him back on the DRMC is lunacy.

I wish I knew how to quit you.....

Gary just called this one in for a very special little transportation committee he holds near and dear to his wallet. He said he just can't seem to let you go DRMC, baby...

They had a public falling out a few years back....kind of embarrassing.....for us all, actually.

Click here to learn more about their torrid romance.

But for now it looks like this relationship has been rekindled as of last night. DRMC left the hands of (my favorite Mayor) Steve Mitchell and has returned to bad boy Slag.

From Hot Mess to Hot Asphalt in 24hrs.

What a Fabulous City We Live In!

Subject: Re: Could any of y'all help me with this?

I just wanted to close on this matter for the day. Jerry Ortega met with Mr. and Mrs. _______ at their home and viewed the alley problem with them. Jerry's Street crews will be prepping for the concrete repairs tomorrow or Wednesday, with completion scheduled by the end of Friday, and it is scheduled to be completed by the end of the week. If you have any questions on this follow-up, just let me know.

Thanks - Bill
Bill Keffler/CH/Cor

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hot Pics

...of the hot mess that is my alley:

My neighbor has contacted the city, but so far nothing has been done, so I was asked to send an e-mail...

Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2009 09:51:23 -0500
Subject: Could any of y'all help me with this?
From: destiny
To: amiromar; stevemitchell; johnmurphy

Attached are some pictures of my alley. (Between Wildwood Ln. and Parkhaven Dr.)

The huge pothole is actually right at the bottom of my backdoor neighbor's driveway. We back into it all the time and I know it can't be good for our cars. My neighbor's an older woman who said she's called the city before, but when we pressed her to bring it to you guys she said y'all probably wouldn't listen to her. I know that's not true, and I know it would make her so happy if you could get it fixed.

Anyway, let me know if there is someone else I should contact.


So how did our council measure up?

In the Heavy Weight Blackberry Owner Division, at 27 minutes, our winner is...

On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 10:18 AM, amiromar wrote:

Sent it on to Keffler. Will keep you posted.

Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2009 10:23:22 -0500
To: amiromar
Subject: Re: Could any of y'all help me with this?


We'll check this out and get back to you, Steve and John as to our assessment.

Thanks for passing on.

Sent from my wireless handheld

And as for the council member out of these three who does not use any performance enhancing devices, i.e. the Non-Blackberry Division, we have Steve Mitchell coming in at a respectable 1 hr., 5 minutes & 37 seconds:

On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 10:56 AM, Steve Mitchell wrote:

Destiny - thank you for making me aware of this issue. I have forwarded this on to city staff for them to review and address. My apologies that this issue hasn't been addressed sooner.

Always feel free to forward any issue on to me, as I would be glad to get it taken care of. For this type of issue, you can also report them to either Neighborhood Services (972-744-4166) or Public Works. Both departments would be glad to assist you as well.

Best regards,

And finally, a last minute entry from the Murph:

johnamurphy to bill.keffler, Cliff.Miller, me, Amir, Mitchell
show details 4:37 PM (33 minutes ago)


The alley issue behind your house is not just a patch- it- and be- done- with-it kind of problem. The whole section that runs from the edge of your drive to the edge of your next door neighbor's drive to the east has failed. They will probably have to replace the whole section because there is nothing solid left in there to attached a patch to.

Your neighbor to the south gets the worst of it since they have to back out directly over the worst part, but anyone driving down the alley has to deal with the sharp ridge that can't be good for tires.

To fix this right, which I know they will, they will probably have to close the alley to traffic for the duration of the repairs. Your neighbor to the south (directly behind your house) will have to park out front for awhile.

The last issue with your alley occurred about 18 years ago when we had to rebuild the curve at the end to stop flooding the house that fronts on Shadywood. Water drained down your alley, into his garage and into his house through the garage door anytime it rained.

As I remember, the repairs went from the bottom near the curve back up the hill to this now failed section behind your house. That's why the alley to the east of you is in so much better shape.

We'll be in touch. Thanks for letting us know.


Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

I have to say, our council is very efficient, especially considering this is not even really their job. I'll let you all vote on who gave the better response. Amir was quick and has already gotten the ball rolling with Keffler. Mitch was able to give me some good information on who else I could contact aside from just the council, and Murph evidently goes waaaaaaay back with my alley.

Thanks for the timely responses guys and the history lesson Murph!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stars, Stripes and Bullet Bob the Candy Bomber

What a great parade JJP & The Reservation put on today! It was literally like being in a time on decorated bikes, decorated veterans, and even decorated dogs all followed along the parade route.

Jeff Weiss from the Dallas Morning News Richardson blog (I'm tempted to not even put a link since he totally blabbed about one of my biggest secrets, but here it is anyway) accompanied us. And at the last minuted Mayor Pro-Tem, Bob Townsend, decided to ride along our car as well. Now had I known Bobby T. had such a cannon on him and an unwavering aim when it comes to the eyeball's of small, five year old girls, perhaps I would've bought marshmallows to throw to (not AT, Bob) the kids, rather than hard candy. Ha! I will admit it was hilarious, and I'm pretty sure she was ok, after her father rushed to her side and applied pressure to her socket for a bit.

*I will totally vote for Bobby T. next go around. Between his one finger salute and his uncontrollable laughter upon striking children with candy, he's not that bad of a guy, not at all.

Ok, so here are some more pictures from the parade and festivities. Enjoy!

Mr.Bob Macy, a Veteran & Council Member...

Decorating (I use that term loosely) our car. At one point I set a whole stack of flags down on the ground *gasp, I know* because I was putting them on one by one, and my fellow countryman-and obviously better American, Amir Omar came over and let me know that I should probably pick them up before I got jumped by about four 90 year old veterans standing behind me. Thanks Amir!

Better American, fine, but when it comes to child safety laws and proper car seat placement, I am totally a better parent than he is. As Abrahm put it, 'Amir's pulling a Britney.'

Abe and my favorite mayor...

Now that's some balloon artistry there!

Murph even stopped by the picnic! He printed our car signs in less than 24 hours and they looked great. Which oddly enough is what I was telling him here; not sure why I seem so ticked...perhaps it's my suspender aversion.

We all had so much fun!

Unfortunately, the day did take a turn for the worst after the festivities, though....booooo.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Reservation/JJ Pearce Parade & Picnic.

Click Below to Enlarge this Exclusive, Special Edition, Guerilla Marketing Map that I wasted a good 3 hours of my life on before I got bumped for a version with Sprout's coupons on can look forward to receiving that version at the parade....but just know it probably sucks.

"Flags, fire engines, decorated bikes, face painters, {COOL STRETCHY BRACELETS-given out by the 3five6 car}, balloon artists, hot dogs, sno-cones, bounce houses, games, streamers, neighbors and fun! These are just a few things you’ll see at the annual Fourth of July Parade and Picnic on Saturday, July 4, hosted by the Reservation and JJ Pearce homeowners associations.

This year’s event promises to be bigger and more fun than ever!

The Parade will start at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, July 4, beginning at JJ Pearce High School parking lot on Senior way, and moving south on Mimosa Drive. There will be a contest for the “Best Decorated” Car, Bike, Wagon and Dog & Dog Owner. Prizes will be awarded at the Picnic for these categories. We also want to welcome all Veterans to ride or walk in the parade. The parade will end at Mimosa Park for a Picnic beginning at 10:30 a.m. with free hot dogs, sno-cones and soft drinks, a Bounce House, an inflatable Obstacle Course, kids games, face painting, and balloon artists. There will be a raffle for lots of prizes, including special prizes for Reservation HOA members.

Come have fun with your neighbors as we celebrate the birth of our nation!"