Monday, July 13, 2009

Dear Gary Slagel, *boo, hiss*

You should have never put yourself in this position in the first place, but kay sera sera; you stepped down, and thank you.

I truly hope, in this idealist heart of mine (because I'm not a real journalist) that you WANTED to put Richardson first, and if there is some little turd blossom (*endearing*-what I call my bff, btw) of truth to that, I hope it would prevail. (why do I feel like I'm casting out demons?)

I have not completely written you off, ole' rapist glasses, it's just that I am very, increasingly, horrifically, disappointed by the choices you choose to eye wear and beyond.

Either way, this started off as a thank you note and I will end it with that.

Thank you Steve for taking back the DRMC even though it is sloppy seconds (or even fifths, really) now.

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  1. No way that Slagel stepped aside on his own. He knew he was in trouble, and knew he was going to busted on this one. Slagel should have never even attempted to take back the DRMC. Again, when you are cocky and confidant, you become foolish and sloppy. So, did he do anyone any favors here - NO.

    And, as for Slagel's imported to Richardson puppet, Omar, he showed a great deal of gall nominating himself for the spot. C'mon, Omar, you've been on the council all of eight weeks. Chill. You ought to pace yourself because you're gonna have tough election fight on your hands in two years. They're already, quitely, lining up to take you on...