Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I doubt there will be Strippers, but you should come anyway.

Town Hall Meeting with
Congressman Pete Sessions,Wed, Aug. 5th
7-8:30 PM
at the Richardson Civic Center, 411 W. Arapaho Rd.

Now is our chance to ask Cong. Sessions about the economy, or healthcare and maybe this and because he just doesn't get it, this also.


  1. Everyone who cares about health care, taxes, the economy and everything else the government has poked it's nose into needs to be at the townhall meeting tonight. Let your representative in Washington,DC know what you think!

  2. Sorry, my mistake. I have another whole week to formulate my thoughts. Thanks for the correction

  3. I've just never understood how Republicans put up with Pete Sessions. Is it a case of the old "he might be a bastard, but he's our bastard" line of thought?

  4. Ed,

    After the primaries are over and the 'best' man wins, I find myself with the choice between a R, D, or I. And given the fact that a conservative D will cave at the first sign of a party whip, I go for the R.

  5. Destiny,
    I checked out the site for that burlesque club. It doesn't look like its even partially nude (topless).

    I'm not excusing his poor judgment, but this wasn't a strip club in the traditional sense.

  6. Honestly Andy, I'd be pissed if he had held it at a Hooters. Don't tout your conservative, family values to me (the voter) one day and then go and throw a party with your cronies at a burlesque club owned by Jenna Jameson (a porn star) and her ex the next.

    Good ol' boys hypocrisy plain and simple.

    And furthermore, I DO call myself a Republican, but I also call wrong, wrong...and skanky nasty, skanky nasty furthermore.

    Is this where our elected CONSERVATIVE officials should be?

  7. Yeah I would be pissed too. Hooters is overpriced and the wings are not that great =P

    All kidding aside, I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, I don't see the GOP fronting a candidate to unseat him in the primary.

  8. andy: "I don't see the GOP fronting a candidate to unseat him in the primary."

    Political parties consider protecting incumbents to be a higher priority than advancing whatever principles the party claims to represent. They know their voters will go along in the belief that they are keeping a greater evil out of office.