Monday, July 13, 2009

Mark Slomon is no longer a sucker....

rather a quite dapper seersucker.

I like it Mark. I LIKE IT!...heck, I'd buy insurance from you.

Now on to more pressing business...had Mr.Solomon not stolen the headline tonight you would have Bobby T. It would've read:

Mr.Townsend, As Much As I Love Having An Inside Joke With You, And Oh Do I Ever....

Jimmy Shnurr said it is flat out inappropriate for you to knock into me and say 'Be careful, I have candy!"

(on a side note, Jimmy has been demeritted for not following my blog and getting that reference, just FYI)

Ian has the actual "news"....over to you Ian.


  1. Destiny - this is not my first demerit rodeo. I clearly witnessed an inside joke between you two without any proper context. Thank you for publicly enlightning me. I won't be so easily shocked the next time I witness a man with so many years of seasoning and life experiences grab and push a young lady in the arm while taunting her with the words "I have some candy little girl" as he walks away. I guess it was simply a learned overreaction on my part given that the nuns in grade school constantly drilled it into my brain NOT to fall prey to the old "I have some candy little girl/boy" kidnapper trick. Just for the record, I said "Holy cow, that was creepy." (not that it was inappropriate)Ha.