Saturday, July 4, 2009

Stars, Stripes and Bullet Bob the Candy Bomber

What a great parade JJP & The Reservation put on today! It was literally like being in a time on decorated bikes, decorated veterans, and even decorated dogs all followed along the parade route.

Jeff Weiss from the Dallas Morning News Richardson blog (I'm tempted to not even put a link since he totally blabbed about one of my biggest secrets, but here it is anyway) accompanied us. And at the last minuted Mayor Pro-Tem, Bob Townsend, decided to ride along our car as well. Now had I known Bobby T. had such a cannon on him and an unwavering aim when it comes to the eyeball's of small, five year old girls, perhaps I would've bought marshmallows to throw to (not AT, Bob) the kids, rather than hard candy. Ha! I will admit it was hilarious, and I'm pretty sure she was ok, after her father rushed to her side and applied pressure to her socket for a bit.

*I will totally vote for Bobby T. next go around. Between his one finger salute and his uncontrollable laughter upon striking children with candy, he's not that bad of a guy, not at all.

Ok, so here are some more pictures from the parade and festivities. Enjoy!

Mr.Bob Macy, a Veteran & Council Member...

Decorating (I use that term loosely) our car. At one point I set a whole stack of flags down on the ground *gasp, I know* because I was putting them on one by one, and my fellow countryman-and obviously better American, Amir Omar came over and let me know that I should probably pick them up before I got jumped by about four 90 year old veterans standing behind me. Thanks Amir!

Better American, fine, but when it comes to child safety laws and proper car seat placement, I am totally a better parent than he is. As Abrahm put it, 'Amir's pulling a Britney.'

Abe and my favorite mayor...

Now that's some balloon artistry there!

Murph even stopped by the picnic! He printed our car signs in less than 24 hours and they looked great. Which oddly enough is what I was telling him here; not sure why I seem so ticked...perhaps it's my suspender aversion.

We all had so much fun!

Unfortunately, the day did take a turn for the worst after the festivities, though....booooo.

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