Saturday, August 29, 2009

ATTENTION OLD PEOPLE, Bob Macy and the like...

THIS is a hyperlink. Go ahead, click on it, it won't hurt you.

I actually put these in my text a lot, but the fact that I've received a number of e-mails today because people do not know who the guy (below) with the devil mustache is in my blog, even though ALL of the words next to him are hyperlinked, is disturbing.

Obviously, many of you have only been getting half the effect of this blog so far. Because a lot of times, my jokes are in the hyperlinks.

Get with the program. If it looks funny (a different color), then click on it.



  1. d., the things you can dream up, and your extraordinary humor, is just way too cute! What ever you do, don’t stop.

  2. If you need to be more shocked at the human condition, the number one search on Google has frequently been "yahoo". Despair. Despair like the inky blackness of space.

    I once had a marketing drone tell me he wanted to be "the number 1 hit in (a search engine) when someone types in www.(hisdomain).com". I advised him he was confused; I think I invoked the Japanese concept "mu". 10 years later there is enough widespread confusion that it seems he was, dishearteningly enough, correct.

    It's the equivilant of dialing 0 for operator and asking "what's the phone number for 972-555-1234?"

  3. William J. 'Bill' McCalpinAugust 30, 2009 at 4:14 PM

    hahaha, bloggermouse! Who IS that character buried in Grant's Tomb, anyway? ;-)

    Destiny does have an infectious sense of humor, even to the point of associating "this blog" above with the jpeg of someone wearing a tin foil hat(!)...Destiny, anyone like yourself who doesn't hide behind anonymity and furthermore expresses concern about being correct, well, sorry, you just aren't acting like a member of the tin foil hat club...but you are funny! ;-)