Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Anonymous Writes...

I'd like to know if David Morgan is getting any financial remuneration from being VP of Ronnie Glanton's business. Anyone know?


  1. That would be an interesting question to have answered. But to me, more importantly, why would any city official be a part of his company unless it was for Ronnie to have some assurance his company's contract would not be terminated. And did not someone mention that if Ronnie lost the contract, roughly 1/3 of the golfers would also leave?

  2. Has anyone ever heard of the city attorney and an asst city manager partnering in some way with a city vendor? Seems rather incestuous to me. Kinda like the federal gov bailing out AIG in order to save Goldman Sachs. Ronnie must have something to offer for these guys to be visibly in a conflict of interest position. Hmmmm?

    Somehow I think the answer will never be directly addressed. Kinda like the dance on golf course financial clarity Monday Night. Pishaw!!!

  3. The business was "Sherrill Park Municipal Golf Course, Inc." incorporated as a non-profit. Mr. Glanton is the President, and until recently, Pete Smith - our City Attorney - was an officer and on the board, as was David Morgan. Mr. Morgan says they are no longer affiliated with the non-profit.

    It was Mr. Glanton who said "if my staff left tomorrow, I guarantee you business at Sherrill Park would be down 30%" Any one want to wager?