Friday, August 7, 2009


This is your warning. Just like there are too may Sarah, Jennifer and Sharon's, there are too many Anonymy. (everybody use this word for the next 10 years and then it'll be legit...and I will finally have my place in history)

I recently changed my settings to allow you mischievants (Yes, another word I proudly made up) in. And just as Ed has started 'encouraging' you to do, I implore you all to at least use an alias, so I don't have to go through this Anonymous 1, Anonymous 2, and Anonymous @ 3:32pm crap anymore, because frankly that word's just too damn long to keep typing out. Plus I'm losing track of which one said what when these conversations go on for more than a few replies.

So here are the first three freebies, Anonymous 1, 2 & 3, you are Jill, Sue, and Jane. All the rest of you, follow suit, or else I start communizing again, and you have to sign in and do a stupid captcha puzzle to leave a message. Capiche?

Just try me.....I have three kids. I live on being tested.


  1. Just testing . . .

  2.'re gonna ruin it for the whole bunch.

    One click of a button and it's gone...

  3. Ok. So now, let me make sure I get this. I am now Jane when before I was anonymy 3. Before that I was David, but you couldn't have known that because I didn't take time to find out how to get a profile and had to go with anonymy (x). I think I got it now. :-)

    Signed: "Not testing you, I know how moms can be"

    Alias - Jane. (really David)

  4. this has taken such a creepy turn.