Sunday, August 9, 2009

Anybody up for a game of Telephone?

Here, I'll start:

Destiny: My mother went to college in Albuquerque ---> Suzy Q: My mother went to college with a turkey ---> Bobby B: My Brother pays homage by eating jerky ---> Kathy J-N: Almost all of Amir Omar's political contributions came from out of state, and he then used them to fund the campaigns of other Richardson Coalition candidates...oh, and by the way, he never really graduated from A&M.

I have to tell you, I'm not really a big fan of this game and I don't think I want to play anymore.

Upon pulling the public records (because these allegations just sounded too darn juicy to pass up), I came to find out that only 5 of Amir's one hundred and seventeen contributors were from states outside of Texas, some of which were relatives.

Furthermore, after a very detailed account of how some politically prominent, amateur private eyes uncovered the shocking fact that Mr.Omar did not graduate from A&M, I was able to get a picture of his degree...

So seriously, enough of this. Please quit trying to make a sucker out of me.

We get it, he's Muslim and that's scary.

I didn't vote for Amir for that same reason. But now that I see him doing such good things in Richardson, and not just on Monday nights either, but in his spare time as well- walking neighborhoods, meeting with citizens, trying to find out how to make their quality of life better- I am very impressed.

If you really need to bitch about someone, and it has nothing to do with ethnicity, then why not start gossiping and making up stories about some of the other councilmen, the ones who aren't actually going out of their way to make Richardson better.

Honestly though, if we as Christians want to play by the rules....I think I recall something being etched in a tablet once about 'bearing false witness,' and how that's a 'shalt not.'

Barb, your rebuttal? :) ...please, please, please mention Amir's futon and the hatchback again. I really enjoy that one.


  1. Sometimes the lady is a bit out of touch with reality. On this subject, we just accept the fact that she wants to believe things everybody knows are not true. Poor thing. Is there a cure?

  2. Lies only made a fool out of Omar's opponent. Election is over. Save the lies for next election. BTW, rumor has it Townsend is finally going to throw in the diaper and liqueur bottle. Looney tunes Dave Peters is lining up to take his place. God help us.

  3. Hmmm 1996 overlaps the time I was at A&M. And seeing as how I spent my life in the Zachry building, I am sure I would have seen him around.

    That diploma looks exactly like mine, except well of course, for the name, date, and major.

  4. You have a sharp, yet measured tongue.

    Proud of you D., aka not a sucker!


  5. Gave ya a shout-out on the dallasnews Richardson blog!

    Jeffrey Weiss/DMN

  6. Okay! enough about Amir!


  7. Honey, Omar having or not having a diploma is the least of my worries. Try getting a copy of that apartment lease he supposedly signed "over a year ago" to prove that he actually lived in Richardson for a year. Good luck with that!

    Love you, doll, but you are way over the top on your praise on Omar. He's still bad news. Sounds like your birthday party was more of a campaign event for your carpetbagger friend - ha! Wish that I had been invited to witness it.

  8. OMG, Dave Peters aka "Lurch", taking Townsend's place in district 1. No, no, please tell me NO! Talking about dragging the bottom for candidates. I am guessing that the coaltion must have been desparate for an under-70 candidate. Townsend is bad enough as a Slagel/Richardson Coalition puppet. Peters would be even worse. Calling all interested candidates who live in Distict 1!

  9. Barb,

    If I knew who you REALLY were, I'm certain I would've invited you. :)

  10. Dave Peters is a great man and the city would be a better place with him on council.

  11. "Dave Peters is a .....”
    Well, don't stop there; tell us why you have that opinion of him. Or were you being sarcastic? Don't know for sure what you were trying to say.