Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Awkward Moments - First Installment

Ian and I both agree that one of the most excruciatingly entertaining things about city council meetings are the awkward moments. And because Ed has so much fun with his series, 'where is', I've decided I will start one as well, called 'Most Awkward City Council Moments.'

After each meeting I will post what I consider to be the best awkward moment of the evening, and because it always seem like there are a few to choose from I will challenge y'all to top that moment by telling us of another, more awkward moment, in your own words.

The winner will get a shameless plug on Conserve & Protect for their Business (Mark, start submitting), Blog or a NonProfit of their choice. (please, no anonymous submissions)

So start attending meetings if you don't already, or at least make sure to watch closely once they begin streaming 'em.

Ok, so my first entry goes a little something like this...

Mark: I would just like to make a comment...{which by the way WTHeck? Do we really needed to make this 4 hour long meeting any longer by pointing out obvious facts that the city staff already knows?}

Mark (cont.):...anyway, for a city our size, I just want to say that we're doing pretty good without having our own sewage plant, ya know?....{puzzled looks b/c the comment is so far from out of left field--Mark panics}...I mean, we don't have one, right?

Whole council in unison with the exception of Macy: No, we don't have one.

Keffler starts to chimes in: There are actually only f....

Bob Macy shakes himself awake: WE HAVE OUR OWN SEWAGE PLANT!

{Like, literally, 8-10 seconds after everyone had confirmed that we don't.}

Gary whispers: No Bob, we have our own... (something or other, couldn't make it out)



  1. My favorite from last night would have to be the woman filling out her comment card in Pamela Schmidt's personal space, as Ms. Schmidt stuffed chocolate cake in her face.

    Does the city not provide an optical plan for these people?

  2. Doesn't the City of Richardson Floyd Branch Plant count as a plant? Maybe they aren't counting it because the work in it appears to be contracted out to NTMWD.

    The only reason I know of this thing's existance is I recently found a geocache nearby and could smell the chlorine.

  3. I believe there is also a processing facility at the NW corner of Cottonwood and Belt Line. Looked like a sewage processing plant to me.

    Google Earth - 32 57' 08.27"N, 96 46' 00.78W

    But like bloggermouse said, maybe it isn't a Richardson facility any more, but a NTMWD facility.


  4. I'm not even pretending to know the answer to that....all I am doing is recounting, in my opinion, the most hilariously, awkward moment of the evening...Although I must say, I wish I would've seen the cake thing as well. (and btw, what was with the Ms.Shmidt impostor?)

  5. I am shocked that Bob Macy even woke up for this. And, he's barely coherent even when awake. In the worksessions and council meetings, I can't think of absolutely one original idea or thought that he has added to ANY discussion. Hmmm, wasn't Macy the guy Slagel, Eisemann, and their Richardson Coalition touted - over councilWOMAN Hayes - as someone who had "fresh, new ideas". OMG, please - and I have some swamp land to sell you.

    Honestly, Macy's "best" moment was when, several meetings ago, on the drainage-fee-for-redevelopment topic, he bowed down to Slagel aka "Slago-jevich" and said he didn't know anything about the subject and that he competely defererred to Slagel's opinion because of Slagel's "experience and wisdom". I'm telling you, I wished I had a camera to capture the look on the faces (and eye rolling) of the other council members when he said it.

    Poor old man Macy. I think that even Slagel, when Macy made this comment, felt sorry for this 82 year old guy. Sadly, Macy, as a councilmember, is a waste - and embarrassment to this city. Slagel, Eisemann, and the Richardson Coaltion should be ashamed of themselves for talking him in to doing this.


  6. I thought that one of the best moments came during the visitor's section when a young woman came to the microphone to ask, with all of the city manager's compensation, including a hefty car allowance, why did he, Bill Keffler, drive around the city in a city-owned fleet car while members of his family drive his city-leased auto. Good question. Aside from, you know, the ethical question here (my question), isn't this double milking the city (her question, basically)? You would have thought that old Keff was going to loose his dinner.

  7. Maybe not as awkward as other moments, but Bill's justification of "well, the city council years ago approved this" was pretty good. In essence, this is the way it has been done for so long that it is now normal, and a sense that nothing is wrong with it and the heck with financial and personal responsibility as long as I get mine! What's the saying? Something like “business as usual"?

    It would be interesting to see all of the perks and other items which are handed out, on top of the good salaries (some say excessive) they receive, listed and posted so the light of day may shine upon them. When reading over the budget, I did not see any items listed mentioning these expenses. Maybe I just overlooked the line item “Employee perks”. I would imagine very few residents know the extent to which they are paying for these perks. I did not.

    Trimming some fat sound good to me and I would like to see it done now, rather than later. We all the time hear, if we don’t pay these people so much, they will not stay. We also hear how about 50% of our city employees are at the top of their pay grade. Are these perks just a way to make up for not paying them a larger salary? If a person, who makes $200k-$300k a year, on the taxpayer's dime, wants to quit and get another job because of no car allowance/city supplied car/city supplied auto insurance for his family, in my opinion, that person couldn't get out the door fast enough for me. We work hard to provide these people "the good life" with the Enron, BoA or Merrill (take your choice of which corporation you would like to name) type of perks. From the little people goes wealth to the top brass.

    Just my 2 cents


  8. Was it Leona Helmsley or Chuck Eisemann who said, "only the little people pay taxes"? Welcome to Richardson, TX - it's business as usual. With ethics-challenged Gary Slagel back as mayor and his puppets Macy, Murphy, Townsend, Soloman, and Omar on the council, why should we be surprised that these things are going on? It's us little people, fighting to keep ends met, that are left cleaning up the mess.

  9. Are we back to the marionette program? Oops, wrong thread.


  10. For those who missed the meeting this past Monday, there was a speaker ( Amanda) who spoke about the budget, Bill's car bennies and car perks for other city employees that substitute as salary augmentations. Here is the link (sorry if it has already been posted elsewhere).


    Great presentation Amanda and thank you.