Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Awkward/Infuriating Moments

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand go.


  1. Obviously, Bob is not a fan of open records. How dare we busy-body citizens ask for more information on things we need clarification on. Bob – “is there a line item in the budget that shows how much we spend providing information to those darn pesky resident?” It is hard not to respect Bill for his reply.

    Just from my limited personal experiences, every time I have asked for something, it was at the very least, my impression, they tried to do their best to answer questions I presented them. I don’t always like the answers, but feel they were sincere in their responses, most especially with Dan. (This is just me though) There are others who no doubt don’t feel this way. Since I was not a privy to their conversations, and I don’t know if they got the same results I did, it is hard for me to take sides

    But of the “awkward moments” and dumb city council comments, Bob is definitely #1 in my book.

    John Murphy – (something to the effect of) Well, when we explain things to people who ask questions, sometime they are smart enough to get it, other times not. (he included more sugar coating with that statement than I did)

    To Bob – Hey Bob, when the city council tries to shut you down wile making really, really dumb questions or comments, do them a favor and shut-up to prevent further embarrassment to the city.

    Personal note to Bob, don’t shut-up. You are the best when it comes to comic relief!


  2. With age, comes wisdom. Or some really stupid comments at a city council meeting. I think that's how it works.

  3. OMG, I just watched the video from last night. Bob Macy says the most ridiculous things; he's a real embarrasment to this city. The nerve of him to even imply that the city was, somehow, being inconvenienced by complying with the Open Records Act requirements. What?

    OK, Bob, rather than complaining, why don't you focus on better ways to comply with the act. I thought that former Mayor Mitchell's comment about proper funding for the city secretary's office was right on target. I suspect that the number of request will continue to escalate as long as old Keff and Slago-jevich are at the helm

    Bottom line - I sure hope that someone (or several) will run against this octegenarian in 2011 - or maybe Bob Macy just won't run again. Chuck Eisemann and the Richardson Coalition should be ashamed of themselves for talking this poor elderly man in to running. Sure, he won - but the city lost, big time!

  4. Sounded like the cat got Amir Omar's tongue last night. Our man who promised to "ask the tough questions" fell right in line with his mentor and fellow Richardson Coalition member (and founder) Gary Slagel. What tough questions? All he said was some comment about the Eisemann Center. Omar can't affort to ask any questions, given his blood oath to Chuck Eisemann.

    This guy is an empty suit simply calculating his next move. We can only be so lucky if it is out of Richardson; you never know with carpetbaggers - they can get a better offer and head on down the road. I'd been holding that back, but feel much better now.