Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bob Macy not a good councilmember.

He is however, from what I hear, a devoted chaplain, a dedicated Stephen Ministry counselor and leader, and most importantly, a veteran. Not to mention, he's kind of an all around sweet man. He has given so much to our city over the past 4 decades in the form of volunteerism, and has been nothing short of a civic overachiever. For that, we all owe him a big thank you.

Now, things I don't like about Bob Macy:

1. He's not Pris Hayes.

2. He gave me a really dirty look one time when I had my nose ring in, but honestly who can blame him, it's disgusting.

3. I think we can all agree that even though he is a wonderful man, he has no business being on the council.

That being said, I get this strange feeling every time I make fun of Mr.Macy that Satan's measuring custom drapery in a special room being set aside just for me. He's the same age as my grandparents (+5) and with the way I slather myself in antiperspirants and drink from aluminum cans, I will probably start winding down a good 30 years before he did. And if some little cow-ring-wearing-punk were to come along and start bashing me on their 'blob' after all I had done to help them protect that freedom (and also the freedom to request open records) I bet I'd short circuit my pacemaker just thinking of the ways I'd kick their rear.

In conclusion.....making fun of Macy makes me feel like a d-bag(x10). And that level of d-bagness should be reserved for people like Chuck Eismann.


  1. You may be right. I think the real culprits here are the RC who sold Macy as a candidate of "fresh" ideas. (If by "fresh" they meant 1965, the year prior to the first FOIA laws.) It was a different time, and a different world, really.

    I'm sure someone approached him and asked him to run, and he saw it as an extension of his community volunteerism. But, being on city council is more than that. It truly requires a heart for service even in areas "we" (the royal sense) don't like/agree with.

    The bottom line is that he's just not up to the job. I don't know what we can do about it. Hopefully, he will step down. There's just too big of a disconnect there between what "is" in 2009, and what the voters and Mr. Macy thought they were getting.

  2. Actually, the drapes are being measured for that room in he*l for Chuck Eisemann, Gary Slagel, and their Richardson Coalition cronies. For them to have talked this poor elderly man in to running is shameful. And, the sad part about all of this is that Bob Macy is so out of touch with reality he doesn't even realize how embarrassed he should be.

    My hope is that his daughters or close friends or family members will encourage him to resign. That way, the Richardson Coalition can work with Gary on getting another one of their own back on the council. Hopefully, this time it will be someone under 80 - and a WOMAN.

  3. You know, I think that Bob Nusser will be in that room with Chuck and Gary. I hear that Nusser was Eisemann's mouthpiece in getting Macy to run.

    On a personal note, my husband and I attend church with the Macy's. He is very nice, affable fellow, but, for heaven's sake, he has no business on the city council.

    I hear that even carpetbagger/two faced Amir has no respect for Macy, and thinks that he's Gary's puppet. Now, isn't that interesting that one puppet is calling another puppet a "puppet". Guess it takes one to know one.

    -A room without a view

  4. Honey, I love your "nose ring". My grandaughter wears one, and it looks great too. I'd wear one, but it wouldn't go with my grey hair!

    Don't worry about any reactions you get from Bob Macy. He is so out of touch with reality that it's a dice roll every Monday night on what he might or might not say - as evidenced by Monday nights council meeting. I just watched the video. OMG - Poor old Bob.

    If he resigned, do you think that the Richardson Coalition might nominate me to Gary? I am definitely old and set in my ways - but since I am a woman and not definitely a Slagel fan, that would disqualify me. I couldn't take that blood oath that Murphy, Solomon, Omar, Macy, and Townsend have taken to always back Slagel and the coventants of the Richardson Coalition.

  5. You have a nose ring?? :)

    D, I second Barb on Bob. Bob's rather dumb comments and actions I think are fair game for anyone to comment about. Attacking Bob personally with insulting names and just trying to be pure mean to him, I would think of as crossing the line. I haven't seen you do that yet.(but I am still feeling the effects of nitrous, muddled mind here)

    It's just the way I think of it. So, you keep going Mrs. Pink!

    David :)

  6. Bob Macy is a joke of a councilman. Chuck Eisemann should have vetted "his" candidate better before running him against Pris Hayes.

    Sure, Pris had her faults, but, c'mon, they pale in comparison to Bob Macy's. Although they both mumble and have trouble making their points, at least Pris would ask some hard questions from time to time.

    According to Bob Macy, everything is perfect. The city staff is perfect, the city is perfect. Earth to Bob: that's not your job to be a "yes" man to Keffler and Slagel.

    Actually, I feel sorry for the guy. He is totally oblivious to the fact that he is just being used by Slagel, and the butt of most council jokes. What a sad chapter for this man. We should be only so lucky if he resigned.

  7. That was an excellent blob!

    Yes, Bob Macy should step down. He DOES seem like a wonderful man. And his service to our city has been exemplary.

    But he has no idea what he's doing. Him thinking that we should tally up the "cost" for staff responding to information requests was the last straw of ludicrousness. (If the staff wasn't busy with the information requests, they'd have more time to read this blog?) Those are questions that need to be asked, and Bob SHOULD be the one asking those questions. We need Councilmen that will stand up and ask the hard questions. Their job is to hold Keffler accountable, and none of them are doing their job.

    Macy is a wonderful man, but as a Councilman he's an embarrassment to Eisemann and the rest of the Coalition.

  8. Anonymous @9:42 AM,
    They do read this blog, and other ones. They also get reports (or maybe use to) about what is being said in the blogs with the packet at council meetings. Not just guessing about that, heard them say it to me and have seen plenty of web logs over the past several years. That is a part of their normal morning routine. They visit blog sites and see what is being said. Even though it is sad they have to do this, I think it is a responsible thing for them to be doing. It lets them know what is being said, prepare responses and change directions if needed.

    The funny part:

    Remember Bill Clinton back in the early 90's? They had a special team to head off trouble called the "Bimbo Eruption Team". When I first heard about city staff checking out the blogs, that is what I thought of. Some of the google search words they use are even funnier. A one example funniest example of this was a search they did for "Slagel+CapitalSoft+Blogovich+Startech". City staff seems to be searching for troubles to head off at the pass. About my only comment regarding this, wouldn't it be nice if they didn’t have to look for trouble like this and could concentrate their time on valuable work. With Gary around, it’s not going to happen. This is just Richardson’s version of Bill Clinton’s “Bimbo Eruption Team”.


  9. HaHa, it is something like that. What funny things to talk about.


  10. No offense, David, but sometimes you make no sense with your comments, you often contradict yourself

    First you say, "I think it is a responsible thing for them to be doing. It lets them know what is being said" then you say later in the post, "wouldn't it be nice if they didn’t have to look for trouble like this and could concentrate their time on valuable work. With Gary around, it’s not going to happen."

    so are they responsible or are they wasting "valuable time"?

  11. yes to both, it is a responsible act and yes, it is a shame they have to look for troubling items that may come up.

    No offense taken anonymous.