Thursday, August 20, 2009

Channel 8 News

Tonight @ 10.

Got a text Keffler's being interviewed regarding the car issue.


  1. I am telling you Destiny, you got the story now not only before not only the DMN, but channel 8 news! Why bother with the TV New and the paper with you on the job? And maybe, like he did with Amanda, he will play with his ring finger while facing some uncomfortable questioning. Anyone else notice that?
    Thanks D


  2. I think we should applaud the city council now, each and every member, save one, Steve. Gary, as mayor, has been a leader in the city (1991 through 2007) and helping to set policy. To put Bill out there on TV tonight, without backing from the council, was wonderful. It was an opportunity to show that most all of the present council member as spineless when the time came to stand up and stand by your man.

    Some may blame Bill for these problems, and they may be correct, but I think it is a problem with the old guard council far more than it is with the city management team (thank you Chuckie Eisemann). Bill probably asked for the “perks” he got, as would most any of us. But it was the city council that always has the final say. They said “go ahead Bill, and take it” by their actions. And the city council told the rest of the city employees to take it too. Now they appear to be telling Bill to “take it” again, but just where the sun does not shine.

    with another of my 2 cents,

    David Chenoweth

    (and wondering how ticked-off they are that Nathan was interviewed)

  3. The interesting thing here is the the Richardson Coalition brands anyone who disagrees with their propaganda or who questions Bill Keffler or Gary Slagel as "tin foil hat" folks. Well, I got news for you, it isn't just the "tin foil hat" crowd that is now starting to ask questions. Folks up in Slagel's own Cottonwood Creek neighborhood are starting to see that they have been duped (maybe B. & G Barnett will finally wake up).

    Cottonwood creek resident

  4. As for who is now asking questions, I sure hope the will start asking questions this monday night. Here and at the DMN blog, they were full of comments fairly contemptable of "Business as usual." The DMN picked it up in a story. Then Channel 8. So this monday night would be a good time to keep the ball rolling if we do want some things changed.