Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gushing Maternal Pride All Over the Unsuspecting Citizens of Richardson

(My apologies for posting something completely un-Richardson-Politics related, but I know if any of you had an Eddie turning 1 today you'd probably do the same)

This time last year, I had just celebrate my 25th birthday while 41 weeks pregnant, was going on +9 days of baby over-baking, and basically loosing my mind all the while decorating my bump with Richardson's finest cicada skins.
And then suddenly out of nowhere, just like in the movies, my contractions started....*it should be noted that by 'suddenly out of nowhere,' I mean I went in for an induction scheduled the day prior, and now that I think about it, it really wasn't anything like in the movies, but oh well...either way, on that fateful day, my life changed forever, and in honor of this momentous occasion I just wanted to say...

Happy First Birthday Eddie Kazu!

This year has flown by, but it's hard to remember life before you, baby girl. You have completed our family and bring so much laughter into our home!

And now for a montage....

*opens virtual wallet and according style photo holder unfurls*

See this is why I had a big birthday party this year. I am well aware that my birthday will no longer exist except for with the DMV, until I am 45 (at least). Having a birthday within two days of your child is like being born on Christmas Eve. From here on out, our celebrations will revolve around Ms.Edna Kazu, princess themed decorations, tiaras, pink boas, and miniature pony poop in the back yard. This year, luckily, we can still get by with a basic cupcake and a candle. But I entertain no delusion that next year will follow suit.


  1. Extremely cute =)

    Was that a hannah montana cell phone?

    I do have to say the cicade on the bump was a little creepy.

  2. It is! It's actually her sis' Hannah Montana phone!
    ....but don't tell my grandmother. She's convinced that Ms.Montana is currently being groomed for the always lucrative porn industry by Disney whom has a substantial stake in it. :) She would flip! ha!

  3. hmmmm i never thought about the disney-porn industry connection. Eisner is insidious!