Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hey baby, what's your sign?

Man, ever since the Tea Party, Repub's everywhere have been looking for another reason to hold up poignant signs. Thanks Pete.


  1. Is Ian on vacation? He didn't blog on the townhall! I miss him ... his blog, that is :-))

  2. What's left to blog about? Ed pretty much covered all of it! :)

    (sorry, I'm uploading more videos from last night to youtube so I can't log out of my other account)

  3. By the way, about that purported Thomas Jefferson quote, here's what the Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia, maintained by the staff of the Jefferson Library, has to say about it:

    "We have never found such a statement in Jefferson's writings. As far as we know, this statement actually originates with Gerald R. Ford."

    Extremist political partisans have little respect for simple fact-checking. The attitude is, if it sounds good, especially if it supports my prejudices, it must be true.

  4. P.S. Thanks for the reference. Back atcha. Your videos are great.

  5. Linda Sue, I didn't go to the town hall. (We had another reporter there.) They do occasionally give me some nights off!

    And Destiny's right -- Ed did a better job than I would have at saying what happened Wednesday night.

  6. I thought that Pete's event was well orchestrated. Really, no tough questions for him (e.g. risque fundraiser, etc.). This is old hat for our friend Pete.