Sunday, August 9, 2009

I am blessed to have met so many different people all because of this little ol' blog...

I had a great birthday, thanks to you all!

The love of my life....and Abrahm. (just kidding, Abe) The always delightful David Chenoweth stopped by!Mr.Meer, as Eiffel calls him.The other Birthday Girl! My Eddie Kazu will be 1 on Wednesday!!!"fake candid"The smelliest birthday gift I've ever gotten... :) Thanks Mr.Omar!Bloggermouse is there on the right. He dazzled us all with his home brewed beers, which were de-lish-ous!Mrs.Davis...always talking about something important.The irony of this picture gets me. Here stands Mr.Chris Davis (AKA Gary Davis), on the right, who lived in the house we're now in for 16 years. He's the one responsible for constructing the cabinets which he's standing here in front of, that are held together by a ridiculously rare and impossible to find piano hinge. Obviously. Eiffel, my 3 year old ripped that sucker off and we have yet to figure out a way to reconstruct it) Every time I look at that gaping hole in my kitchen I curse Gary Davis' name! j/k Gary....lots of the things that you put into this house are broken, no hard feelings :)Me and the old man (I know, grammatically incorrect)And Linda Sue, you'll be happy to know that part of your gift has already been put to good use...
(almost) All photos courtesy of Place 7 Photography.


  1. Wonderful time! After reading about him in your blog, it was great to finally meet him. Amir had lots to say, really enjoyed listening to his ideas. Will need to find out more about Darrell's newsletter, sounds like it will be good. Great food, conversation and good people. Only one regret, no one told me it was your birthday party. Made me feel like such a heel (ya, some will agreee I am a heel, or worse). Drank you water, ate your grub, enjoyed your home, and didn't even bring a present. Total shameless on my part. I will get over it though. Happy birthday.

    Thanks again,

  2. Thank you so much David! And your presence was all the presents I needed! Glad you had a good time!