Thursday, August 13, 2009

I think Gary Slagel is trying to kill me...

Ok, so remember a few weeks ago when Abrahm was in that minor car accident and so I had to miss the council meeting? Well we took our car in and had it repaired. And then a few days later as Abrahm was driving down Coit the wheels comes completely off and flies across the intersection at Arapaho.

We towed it back to the shop, where they swore they WERE NOT the last ones to touch our car. (I know, I know, they were just trying to avoid any liability, I'm no dummy) So I asked the guy, 'if you were not the last ones to mess with the wheel, and I had taken it somewhere else, why would I be bringing it back to you, instead of taking it to them' to which he replied, 'I honestly don't know, that's what I'm trying to figure out, all I can tell you is someone has been messing with this tire and it was not us.' (uh-huh) I decided to take it one step further and ask him what exactly he was implying, and this is what he said 'look Destiny, I'm not even saying it was another shop, I know this may sound crazy, but I've heard of it happening before....are you sure there's nobody out there with a vendetta against you?'


'Umm, no, nobody that I can think of....'

I hung up furious about the fact that this shop is totally screwing me over, but did have to laugh at the thought of the Slag out in my drive way in the middle of the night with a ski mask on loosening my lug nuts....

And just so that you know, this story has a happy ending. Our car is now in very good and trustworthy hands. David Chenoweth, a frequent contributer to this blog is fixing it up over at North Haven Auto.

So Gary, just wanted to let you know that we're on to you buddy!


  1. Honey, what are you and Abrahm doing driving a big boat like mine? You are way too young and hip for this kind of "roadster". You need to be driving something cool like Amir's hatchback (of course, after he moves apartments again and unloads the futon out of the back). He will always be my favorite carbetbagger. Barb

    P.S. I always keep my "boat" in the garage. Seriously, if Slagel, Eisemann, and the Richardson Coalition knew where I lived, then they'd probably mess with my car too!

  2. Abrahm must've put you up to this. He's been trying to get me to stop putting all of our worthless crap in the garage for months so that we could park the boat in there, but I just don't listen.

    He cleans it out, we park the car in there one, maybe two nights and then I move more stuff into it.

    I remember hearing Spivey say one time that we fill our garages up with tons of worthless stuff and keep it all safe and locked up and then leave one of the most valuable things we have sitting out by the curb.

    Oh well, I just don't learn.

    Btw, MY car is the little silver one in the background...much cooler.

  3. This is one of those times it is not a case of "a nut loose behind the wheel". Just a loose nuts and wheels. The things I could tell ya'! Better save the jokes until later, got work to do.

    BTW, ever thought about outdoor cameras to with a multi-station DVR? Maybe you can catch 'em in the act! Wouldn't that be something!

    David :)