Monday, August 3, 2009

I Took Notes With My Lipliner This Evening...

Tee Chippers * Eismann * Dengel * Dubey * & David

Tonight's City Council meeting was all about Sherrill Park (at least that's what 90% of the people in attendance thought).

Here's a shot of the peanut gallery during David Morgan's presentation:

And after:

*que tumbleweeds*

Jack Fink from Channel 11 was there for the Sherrill Park item as well. David's presentation was very thorough and thought provoking, though according to some of the people in attendance, the details were a bit off. A member of the gallery pointed out "Amir was asking good questions tonight about the golf course money, if he had just carried it a bit further and asked who got the 90% if the city gets 10% of the revenues...keffler looked like he was about to poop his pants."

(Man, that would have made for a grade A blog, but oh well.)

If you ask me, I just think they're all skeptics. They've been drinking that hater-ade & maybe some of the creek water over near Spring Valley, because in my opinion David Morgan is fab. u. lous. So fabulous as a matter of fact that I felt compelled to make a list.

Things I love about David Morgan:

His hair (of course)

The way he pronounces comparable "compare-able" (turns out we're both right)

His fly Power Point presentations

And the fact that maybe we're not Facebook friends, but that still doesn't stop me from doing this: click here. And David Morgan's such a good guy, that I don't even think it will creep him out.

At all.

I hope.

Moving along, some other notable moments tonight included Ronnie Glanton's promotion of Sherrill Park 'for the ladies.' He mentioned a number of times how now that they've got someone for the ladies (Juliet Vaughan), to get the ladies in and to have the ladies there that they were really moving into the future and out of.....L'eighties, I guess.

All I can say is at least he didn't call 'em broads or dolls.....heck who am I even kidding, I took notes with my lipliner tonight, remember? What a silly dame.

Anyway, after all of these guys cleared out, we listened to a presentation all about my neck of the woods, a one mile radius around Spring Valley & Waterview, and I came to the shocking realization that Abrahm and I are AVERAGE. Not only is Abrahm the average age (for 3 more months) of the people who live in our 1 mile bubble but we also have the average household income as our neighbors....some of which in the southern side of the circle I'm pretty sure don't claim all of their income on their taxes, b/c I see their dope rides and I know they're making more than us. Oh well.

We try so hard to be exceptional but why bother....we're average, nothing more, nothing less....and while I'm at it, I might as well pull out all of the pity party decorations, is that ok with you, Steve? Huh? You think you can make it to this one if I go ahead and throw it now, instead of this weekend, you lousy, no good, birthday party rsvp'ing-indian giver, er, I mean, native american giver. Here's what I'll be playing on repeat Saturday night while everyone else is enjoying themselves at MY party....MY party that just isn't cool enough too reschedule some dinky vacation for. Your favorite......


  1. You know I don't get what everyone is so upset about with this Sherrill Park business. I mean it looks to me like Glanton is acting as CEO, HR manager and public relations officer of a multi-million dollar business. Why shouldn't he be making 300k per year. I think people are just jealous because they don't make that much. (and before anyone says anything, I don't make 25% of that amount, but then again my job isn't nearly as complicated)

  2. At first glance on the golf fund review, I thought it showed the gross income for the golf fund. Come to find out, it only show the gross of what the city's part happens to be. Regardless of whether Ronnie doing a good job with the golf course, there would seem to be a serious conflict of interest in having anyone from the city manager's office with a position on Ronnie's company. Talk about insider information, when (or if) bid time came up on the golf contract, Ronnie would be provided information other bidders would probably not have access to.

  3. Who from the city manager's office is part of that company? Random anonymous acusations mean nothing. Give some facts or stop saying it.

    BTW, you know that report was compiled by an outside vendor and not David Morgan, right?

  4. Sherri, David Morgan and Pete Smith. It was clear David was just doing the presentation.

  5. Sherri, let me add to the mostly anonymous discussion. (You are the only one here not anonymously speaking)
    Go to -
    In the "Entity Name" enter
    Then click on the "Search by Name" button.
    On the next page that opens, click on
    "Sherril Park Municipal Golf Course Inc"
    If you are still with me on this (and not snoozing yet), then click on the box "Officers and Directors Information"
    We are finally there, yeh-haw.
    Listed is the following:
    Vice Pres - David Morgan
    Director - David Morgan
    Director - Pete Smith
    Treasuer - Peter G Smith
    Secretary - Peter G Smith

    I don't know if all the Smiths are the same Smiths, but one of them is bound to be the lawyer who is retained to by Richardson to justify things like, closed door meeting for mayor selection, he said closed sessions were legal when they weren't and other stuff like that.
    So, without trying to get onto you too much about things, now, maybe, you can understand why some people are upset and the fact that the first anonymous wasn't just throwing "Random anonymous acusations(sp)(I hate not having a spell checker too)".
    From reading your previous posts, it looks like you good heartedly give the city staff and council members the benefit of the doubt. I was like that too, at first, and maybe I should still do that, but I cannot.
    Now that I have provided the facts, do I still have to "stop saying it"? :-)
    Take care Sherri and keep on writing. I enjoy reading your posts!
    Just another anonymous!

  6. Anonymous (or not so anonymous since you e-mailed me this afternoon), you've properly put me in my place. So many people make so many unfounded accusations on the internet these days that I have gotten to the point where I don't believe anyone who doesn't back up what they're saying with references. Thank you for proving your point.

  7. Sherri,

    Just to let you know, first, this is the last anonymous above and the one who emailed you.

    For be it from me to put you in your place! You are always in your "right" place. So really, I didn't put you in your place, I just did the put-up-or-shut-up-thing. The is one of the very very, very, very, very few times I could put up. I normally come out far far far ahead when I just shut-up.

    From me standing on my toes, "anonymous 3 & 4" signing off for the night! :-O

    (who was that anonymous 1 & 2 anyway?)