Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oh this isn't my first retraction little lady....

I once wrote about the 'Late Nancy Reagan'......whoops. (bad Republican, bad, bad Republican)

Anyway, I am hereby retracting this, as it is a bit misleading. Yes, David Morgan does get a part of his salary from Sherrill Park, but it is not based on the success/failure of the golf course.

And as always, stay tuned for further retraction, seeing as it is 11:45 at night and my brain took a pretty bad Pete-ing this evening, so even my retraction data has yet to be verified.


  1. Speaking about Pete Sessions . . . GREAT Townhall! The overflowing crowd behaved well with Pete's leadership. Amazing!

    I'm not good with numbers, but there were probably 500+ there. I've heard from many who were turned away & others who could not find parking!

  2. HUGE crowd and really good meeting. I got some pictures and a LOT of video that I will try to get up later today.

  3. So did he have pole dancers in the background to provide some entertainment? =P

  4. Now, now, now. If you were at the townhall last night you would see how well Pete handled the crowd. He fairly and intelligently answered all questions. DMN says there were over 800 there.

    Anonymous. . . again

  5. I think that I did see some poll-dancers. Or, were those the girls serving the "Hooters" wings? I couldn't tell.