Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shabby Chamber, Spivey Sense and Townsend Sux It

So now that our council meetings are streaming all across the world wide web, I've started paying a little bit more attention to the chamber room. I remember some talk about replacing everything with gold before they would ever stream meetings at one point (ok, so maybe it wasn't gold, but the price tag certainly made you think it was), and I am in no way advocating that. At the same time, if my lawn looked the way this chamber room looked, Tyler Heskler would be all over my mail with citations. It's nothing a pair of scissors and a coat of paint couldn't fix....just looks sorta raggedy, ya know?

Onto a more positive note, Monday night Jim Spivey was sworn in as the new Police Chief, and the force showed up, well, in force. (So, FYI, if you're looking for the optimal time to commit a crime, either do it on Neighborhood Night Out, or when a new chief is getting sworn in.)

And then finally, as I was staring off aimlessly during the meeting, I noticed this weird patch of carpet on the side of one of the podiums. I guess some of those comic con goers were equally as bored listening to Dean stockwell and they had doodled some designs in it with their fingers. *lightbulb*
So after the meeting I went up to encode something of my own when Mr.Bobby T. walked up. *second lightbulb* So I doodled 'Townsend Sux It' into the carpet and asked him to pose next to it. What happened next was fabulous....
Good, but no bird....


  1. You're the best!!!!

  2. Don't know who Tyler Heksler is but his facebook photo looks pretty hot! :-))

  3. Tyler Heskler is, I won't use the word twerp, but a younger gentleman who is constantly citing our whole neighborhood for ridiculous things.

    After Keffler got our alley fixed we were hit with a barrage of them, so Abrahm said I'm never allowed to complain about anything again.

    We've actually started a support group on our neighborhood website to vent about him. (: His facebook photo is just the icing.

  4. So . . . he's a stooge for the city. Boo! Hiss!

  5. Destiny,

    did you notice the video is gone from the city's website

  6. What video? The council meeting?

    It's not where it is suppose to be, under meeting documents, but it is here still: http://cor.net/CITV.aspx?id=10709

  7. Be prepared - I suspect that you'll start getting more letters and, perhaps, citations from the city's KGB Services dba Neighborhood Services department as you ask more questions or "rock the boat"! Remember, neighborhood services reports in to Keffler, and Keffler doesn't like anyone asking questions.

    -Back to the USSR (you don't know how lucky you are) - you should post that song here!

  8. Hey anonmy. I have had my share of letters from the city include getting a ticket for violating Richardson’s ugly fence ordinance. Only thing that made it all worth while was that the “evil city person” who gave me the ticket had to show up before Judge Noah with me, and she was a little hottie in a mini skirt. (Don’t suspect that would have impressed D though) I don’t remember much else about my hearing, other than it was dismissed. But, that is the wrong way to get me into regular compliance. It might make me more rebellious so as to visit with, if not the judge, then her, again.

    It is hard though, not to take the notices personally, for me anyway (all my neighbors deserve them, but I don't! kind of thing.) But, I had rather them be somewhat aggressive that totally lazy about keeping up the neighborhood. Take a peek at Garland. On occasion, I need to be push a bit into doing my civic duty of making my yard looking good, even if, on rare occasions, I enjoy the consequences of being rebelious.