Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What's the world (Texas) coming to??????

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  1. Maybe this will cheer you up. Here's a quote from the article that D magazine is getting their ratings from:

    "It is important to note that these categories only apply to a state population's party leanings and are not necessarily indicative of a party's electoral strength in that state."
    (there's a link in the D article if you want to read the whole thing)

    So the group of people polled were not screened for non-citizens and any other people who may for some reason or another not have the right to vote. I have a feeling a poll of people living in Texas who have a legal right to vote in the state would give you a much different result.

  2. Unfortunately we keep getting more and more people from failed states moving here. It's amusing that they keep voting the same way.... well it would be if it wasn't so sad.

  3. Texas is a safe GOP state for at least a few more election cycles. But after that, I'm afraid the state is lost. Just like California, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona. Don't worry. There's always Utah.

  4. Oddly enough that was part of my wedding vows, "....or for worse, and there's always Utah, Abrahm.