Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why does Slag's name plate have his middle initial on it?

{Edit: Rex is right. I'm being immature. My grandmother would be disappointed...and I didn't even point out what his initials spell out...}


  1. The "A" stands for something, but I just can't seem to put my finger on it.

  2. You probably meant, don't want to put you finger "in" it.

  3. Destiny, I think you are lowering the quality of your blog a bit too much. There is enough on which to criticize the council without stooping to rather juvenile writing. Stick to exposing the conflicts of interest, lack of transparency, etc.

    Just my opinion . . .


  4. I like the fact that there's an appropriate amount that I can lower the quality of my blog Rex, but I've exceeded it. :)

    Point taken, changes made.

  5. Hey, Destiny, they misspelled Gary's last name - don't you spell it S-L-A-G-O-J-E-V-I-C-H. Don't know what the middle initial stands for, but, your're right, I don't want to put my finger "in it". :)

  6. Tacky comment time for me:
    Is he thinking really hard, or does he need exlax?

    I am NOT going to sign this because it is such a horrible comment. Not good to make fun of unposed for photos, but I just couldn't help myself. Shame on me!


    A sorry, very sorry of an excuse for a Richardson resident. Beat me! Whip me! I deserve it! :0)